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Top Ten Blog: Things To Learn From Pinterest

By now you would have to be a hermit to not have, or at least know of, the trending Pinterest. The newest social media craze since micro blogging site Twitter has high school students to full-grown adults pinning everything– from their favorite recipes to adorable animals to the ingredients for a dream wedding. While an Internet savant may dismiss the site as the female version of the popular “front page of the Internet” reddit, Pinterest brings a gold nugget of its own precious information. Most importantly, when first tackling the online catalog that is Pinterest, it is always vital to know what to look for. Here are a couple of popular ideas to learn from this rising star of the Internet.

Deals on the latest fashions.

Just because more than half of your friends list is on the site does not mean that more influential people will not be as well. Businesses, such as Forever 21 and H&M, have also gotten into the pinning game. They will pin several times a day with bargains on their latest clothing lines and even give tips on ensembles to create. When first joining, make sure to search for your favorite stores. You never know who or what is on Pinterest!

Plan your dream wedding.

This, perhaps, is one of the site’s most popular tags. Many a user has created a board (collection of pins under the same category or idea) for what they deem to be their perfect wedding. Users post everything from suggested photographers to dresses and even venue ideas. This can serve as a better way than keeping a bookmark folder of your wedding picks, since you can actually see the items in question!

Food, food and oh yeah, more food.

Pinterest is basically the vast and unending virtual cookbook of the Internet. Whether you are looking for a healthy, low-cal lunch or a creative dessert, Pinterest has it! Other users may have made them or dug out the recipes from the far recesses of the Internet. Either way, they have already done all the work of finding it for you. Now, you just have to make it! Search for any kind of food, and this site is sure to have it.

Homemade remedies.

A rising trend in the pinning community is the uprising of DIY (do it yourself) facials. Why rush to the store for skin cream when the answer could be at your fingertips? At times, certain facial scrubs are made out of common household items and foods. Facial maintenance can be a lot cheaper and easier than we make it out to be.

Holiday ideas and decorations.

The fact that “holidays” have their own category on this site tells you a lot about their popularity. Say you wanted to make a new ornament for your Christmas tree: they have it. This year, you are particularly stumped about how to decorate the house/dorm/apartment for Halloween. Pinterest has ideas for that too! One particular pin even has 29 homemade costume ideas. You will never have to flip through catalogs again.

Spruce up the living quarters.

If Pinterest has taught its users anything, it is how to accessorize and not break the bank doing it. You may want to make a bookshelf but not settle for the same cookie cutter piece from IKEA. Sure enough, someone has pinned an idea on how to construct your own, custom-made bookshelf! Perhaps you do not know what to do with your walls. Search for a spruce and unique paint job! Pinterest is the directory of DIY projects.


Every time the homepage pops up, it is guaranteed that you will find some new product that you are just dying to have. From quirky wallets to the perfect pair of shoes for an outfit you’ve been dying to pull together, Pinterest has the item for you! Tracing the product back to its original site can lead to so many discoveries. How serendipitous!

Get into great shape.

No, that is not a joke or scam. Users have gotten into the habit of sharing workout routines and “recipes” for the perfect stomach or calves. Routines can range from simple fifteen minute-a-day workouts to serious commitments. In other words, there is something for everyone out there.

Scope out vacation spots.

Pinterest is notorious for its “top lists,” detailing the best places to go for certain activities and vacations. One pin even detailed the finest locations to go skiing. This seems like a great way to pick out a place for spring break or even summer getaways.

Catch up on the latest news and have a mini history lesson.

Pinterest does not boast a “history” tab for nothing. Scrolling through the pages of antique photographs and artifacts is similar to a virtual tour of a museum. Recently, news sources have taken the hint and begun to pin links to huge stories, such as the 2012 Olympics. The news is a vital part of the web, so why should it be any different for Pinterest?

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