Top Study Tips for Acing Midterm Season

October is here, and that means the late night study sessions are only just beginning. The fun of syllabus week and sorority recruitment are far behind us, leaving textbooks and group projects in their place. With classes picking up, here are a few study tips that are important to remember as we approach midterm season.

Do the worse first

Everyone loves to push the project they are dreading most to the bottom of their to do list. Instead, start completing these tasks first! Finishing your biggest stressor early will make all your other assignments feel less daunting. Also, we all know that after a long night of homework, the last thing you want to have to do is work on a point-loaded assignment. Instead, be sure to get that project done sooner while your brain is still fresh and awake.

Take productive breaks

On top of midterms, there are always a million and one other things it seems like you should also be doing. A great way to multi task is to switch back and forth between your assignments. For example, if you have been studying for one test for a long time, try taking a break to work on your resume. Taking breaks from stressful assignments but remaining productive is a great way to trick yourself into getting things done and sticking to your to-do list.

Avoid your bed

When you are studying late at night trying to get assignments done, always avoid studying on your bed! Our brains mentally associate our beds with sleep. This means that if you are trying to stay up late to get assignments done, you will naturally become more tired if you are studying on your bed rather than a desk. Avoiding any aspects of your night time routine will help keep your brain productive and active rather than thinking it is time to get some Z’s.

Reward yourself

As humans, we all love to treat ourselves. What better way to encourage yourself to study than to give yourself little rewards along the way? Set checkmarks for yourself throughout your homework session, then give yourself prizes as you complete tasks. It can be as simple as watching one Netflix episode, grabbing a coffee, or taking a 15 minute nap. Remember to be strict on checkpoints and what counts as a reward, because it can be very easy to lighten up as the night goes on. However, if this tactic is done correctly, it can be a great way to keep yourself engaged during a late night.

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