Top 5 TV Shows this Fall

We all know fall is the best time for TV. Here are a five of the best new and returning shows on TV right now!

1. This Is Us 

This Is Us  returned with its third season on September 25th on NBC, bringing us more love, laughter, and tears with the Pearson family. Curl up to watch this heartwarming drama and keep a box of tissues nearby. 

2. Manifest 

Manifest is a brand new drama series on NBC that has been getting a lot of buzz. The show revolves around a crazy event in which a plan landed after going through some turbulence, and five years had gone by. No one on the plane aged a single day, but they are thrown back into their old lives while their friends and family had assumed them dead for the last five years. It's an exciting show that keeps you on the edge of your seat. 

3. The Good Place 

The Good Place is a hilarious sitcom starring Kristen Bell that revolves around her character, Eleanor, finding herself in the heaven after being a not-so-great person on earth. After a lot of twists and turns, we find ourselves on Earth for season 3 with a lot more ethical lessons and hilarity to come. The first two seasons are also available to stream on Netflix.  

4. A Million Little Things 

A Million Little Things is a brand new drama about a group of friends who have to deal with a tragedy. After one of their friends commits suicide, they come together as a group to become even closer, and don't take any of their friendships for granted. This is another great heartwarming show with a This is Us feel to it. 

5. New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam is a new drama about a doctor who becomes the new medical director at a hospital and wants to change the way the hospital is ran. He wants to have only doctors who are passionate about practicing medicine the way that he believes it should be practiced. 

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