Top 10 Travel Necessities for your Next Trip

Thinking about a much needed vacation? Maybe a road trip out west, or a flight overseas? Here are my top 10 favorite necessities for your next trip.

1. Carry on cocktail

The first way to have a perfect trip is to survive the flight. Whether it's 4 or 14 hours, Asia or across the United States, the carry on cocktail kit is essential to have in flight. If you are 21, all you need is a mini bottle of alcohol from the flight attendants to hand craft your cocktail. Available in a variety of flavors, you are always guaranteed a good time.


2.  A hat

One thing I love having is some sort of hat. Whether this is a fedora or a sun hat, this makes any outfit turn from basic to put together. Not only does it look cute, it will also help protect your face from getting too much sun when sightseeing or walking on the beach.

3. Lip balm – sugar lips

From flying in an airplane to soaking up the sun on the beach, it’s always good to have chapstick or lip balm handy. I love when I find the perfect one with SPF included. One of my favorite brands is Fresh, I use their sugar lip treatment with SPF 15. It’s moisturizing and protective and even comes in tinted versions for a little pop of color!


4. Wi-Fi memory card for your camera

One of my favorite things about traveling to new places is taking photos. If you have a digital camera or DSLR, this is a great investment. To make sharing pictures easier on yourself, use a Wi-Fi enabled SD card. This way you don’t have to waste time uploading photos to your computer, you can instantly have them on your computer or phone.

5. A scarf

It’s a good idea to have a large scarf on hand not only to spice up an outfit, but also for practical uses like a blanket when you’re cold or something to sit on. Some of my favorites are from Kate Spade & donni charm. You can use the code “NGALANTI” at for 30% all scarves!


6. Hand sanitizer

Being stuck on an airplane or train for long hours at a time can get gross, especially with how many germs are floating around. One of the most useful things I always remember to bring with me on travel days is hand sanitizer.

7.  Headphones

Planning to watch a few movies on the flight? What about go on a run on the beach? You’re going to need some headphones for this! One of my favorite looks is this pair of rose gold headphones. Jam out while looking trendy!  

8. Socks

Key to success = warm feet! One thing I always make sure of is that I have socks to put on the airplane. It can get so chilly when you get up in the air, so keep your toes warm and look cute too.

9. A notebook

Keeping a journal or notebook with you throughout your travels is a great way to keep everything documented. Since usually everything else is digital (photos), this is a good way to have something classic. It’s fun to look back on and remember your experiences and memories you made.

10.  Eye mask

In order to get some do not disturb me time, an eye mask is a must. It helps you fall asleep faster in travel scenarios by blocking out light. Also, people (hopefully) will get the hit and not bother you while you try to catch some z’s!