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Time to Hit a Homerun: Summer Baseball Season

Spring is finally here (with April showers hopefully bringing May Flowers)!  For girls, this means spring shopping and spring cleaning, but the guys on the U of I campus have one thing on their mind: baseball season.  Whether a Cubs, Sox or Cardinals fan; boys are tuning in, beer at hand, to watch their favorite teams.  So girls, lets spruce up our sports knowledge to strike up a fun conversation at Kams or even score a summer date to the ballpark.
I have been to games at Wrigley, Busch Stadium, Cellular Field and even Yankee Stadium, and although I don’t know all the rules or pay complete attention to the game, it is a fun atmosphere to go with a bunch of girl friends, or go on a date.  The smell of hotdogs, nachos and beer is recipe for a great hangout.  And if you’re not a beer drinker, go to a sox game… they serve margaritas!
Girls- if you aren’t familiar with the rules of baseball rules, head to the MLB website (http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/official_info/official_rules/foreword.jsp) and download the official rules to spruce up your knowledge before attending a game.  This way your date will be impressed by your savvy baseball terminology (and you might even find watching the game more enjoyable).  Also, grab one of the scorecards and try to keep track- it makes the game more enjoyable as well.
If you’re looking for something cute, yet still feminine to wear to the game, head to Victoria Secret’s website and check out their Major League Baseball Collection: http://www.victoriassecret.com/pink/major-league-baseball-shop-by-team.  They have everything you need including v-necks, hoodies and hats!  This way, you can put your own trendy spin on the normal baseball game apparel.  Make sure to also check the weather and bring necessary rain gear or blankets if it’s a chilly night. 

There are many fun restaurants and bars surrounding stadiums like Wrigley, so make a day out of it!  You and your date, or friends can grab food before, and go out for a few (hopefully celebratory) drinks after the big win.  According to bleachernation.com, some of the best bars around Wrigley include:
·      Harry Caray’s Tavern
·      Casey Moran’s
·      The Irish Oak
·      Murphy’s Bleachers
·      Sluggers
·      John Barley Corn
·      And of course… The Cubby Bear!
Senior Kate Welbourne heads to many Cardinals games in St. Louis over the summer and says her favorite games are “Daytime ones since you can enjoy the summer weather while spending time with friends.  It also nice when your date springs for good seats.”
So check out the Cubs, Sox or Cardinals schedules, and try to attend a couple games this summer.  Your date may even end up catching a fly ball and let you keep it.

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