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The Hottest New Fall TV Shows to Check Out

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we all have a little extra time on our hands, making it the perfect time to start a new show to binge! Here are a few picks for fall to stop your seasonal Netflix doomscroll.

1) inside job (netflix)

This zany animated show is a fun and quick treat! It follows a socially awkward genius and her team of hilarious and chaotic underlings as they all work for a company that covers up the world’s conspiracies, which are all real. From lizard people to emotional baggage, this show hits all the notes.

2) queens (abc)

What’s more inspiring than four powerful and bold women reuniting in their 40s to climb back to the game they had in the 90s? This show is empowering, dramatic, and has so much easy chemistry and promise.

3) carole baskin’s cage fight (discovery +)

Coming soon to Discovery+, this show plans to follow Baskin and her husband as they look at the exploitation of animals. It promises to be interesting and a wild ride (and a throwback to the original early quarantine days of Tiger King!)

4) dopesick (hulu)

A documentary during vacation might sound boring, but this dramatic series examines the American opioid epidemic and how it was spurred by a pharmaceutical company. It’s ambitious, heartbreaking, and well worth the watch.

5) squid game (netflix)

If you haven’t seen this South Korean dystopian series about contestants who enter a deadly contest for a cash prize, now is the time! It has swept the media by storm, and for good reason– it is disturbing and incredibly binge-worthy.

6) And just like that (hbo max)

This Sex and the City reboot promises a fresh take on old favorites– new stories with the old humor and honesty that defined the iconic show!

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