Spring/Summer Hair Colors

A change in season is the perfect excuse to switch up your hairstyle. If you don't want to get a bold haircut, a good alternative is dying your hair. You can go for a completely different look or a subtle change; either way, you'll be ready for the new season! Here are a couple of colors you can try:

Daring Looks: 

If you're feeling more adventurous, dye your hair a color that is totally out of your comfort zone. 

Pastel colors

Pastel shades can tone down a crazy color, making it more elegant and pretty. You can experiment with many different colors, such as pink, purple or blue. A number of celebrities — Kylie Jenner, Billie Eilish — as well as Youtubers have done it, so give it a try! 

Blonde to black or black to blonde

If you originally have blonde hair, dye it black or a dark brown. If you normally have dark hair, dye it a light color, whether it be blonde or a light brown. Even though changing the color drastically can be scary, giving yourself a new look or vibe is the first step to starting fresh for the new season.


Gray has been in season for a while. Although at first it sounds like a strange color to dye your hair, it can be a chic look if you get it done properly. Gray is more of a winter color, but you can pull it off for the warm weather as well.

Subtle Looks: 


Balayage has been a trending hairstyle for a while, as it fits with all seasons. It makes your hair seem sun-kissed and natural, and it is also a look that isn't too risky because a lot of your original hair color can be kept!


Although ombre and balayage techniques are similar, the difference lies in the fact that more of the bottom part of your hair is dyed. Essentially, there is a larger color gradient and a bigger difference between the shade at the top of your head and at the bottom. Ombre focuses more on the tips of your hair.

A little darker or a little lighter

If you're searching for something simple, dye your hair a color that is slightly darker or lighter than your original hair!


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