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Spring Cleaning: Mental Reminders To Nourish Your Growth

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois chapter.

A new season means a lot of things: wardrobe revisions, spontaneous hairstyles and house cleanings. But what about self-care check-ins? I enjoy starting off each season by checking in with myself to see how I can elevate, cut or create habits/actions that will fulfill me in living the best version of my life. So, here are some nourishing reminders for this spring season of growth.

1. Time is an asset

If there’s one thing many generations have wished for in the past, it was to have more time. Either to spend more time with loved ones, cherishing the beauty of life or simply doing what makes you happy, time is something you can always use more of. As my mother always tells my sister and I, “time is your most valuable asset,” and she’s right. Where and with whom you spend your time with ultimately affects the trajectory of your life because soon actions become habit and habits lead to lifestyle. So if you find your time is being wasted, move around to something that makes it feel valued.

2. Stay Uniquely You

I live my life by this motto simply because I want to be able to live with the actions I do and decisions I make knowing it was all within means of staying unique and true to myself. You’ll know if you’re doing something that doesn’t feel authentic to you, and when you do, assess how you can fix that. This is why the phrase “give people the same energy they give you” has never sat right with me because why choose to be less than you are out of pettiness when you know to be and do better? At the beginning and in the end, you’ll always thank yourself for staying true to you.

3. There is no rush

As we get older, we start to hear questions like “When are you getting married?”, “When are you having kids?”, “when are you going to ____?”. These questions set up the notion that there’s a time restraint in our lives and we must fulfill a set of accomplishments before then to be happy. But in reality, everything happens for a reason. One way or another, it always ends up working out exactly how it’s supposed to. Sure at the moment it might feel like a setback, but you must remember your path is never comparable to those around you. So enjoy your journey knowing what’s for you will never pass you.

4. you are the OCCASION

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Millie Dean

Wear that perfume to class. Rock that new outfit to an RSO meeting. Break in those gorgeous new shoes because there is no better special occasion than living in the now to enjoy something. Don’t wait until everyone else is getting fancy or the perfect time to post. Do what it is you want to do when you want to do it and don’t give it a second thought in concern of what others might think. Because look at you, look at your life. You deserve it and so much more!

Until next time, remember to stay uniquely you!

Mierra Freeman

Illinois '26

Hiya! My name is Mierra Freeman, and I am currently a sophomore studying sociology, while on the Pre-Law track. Although I want to pursue Criminal law as my career path, I have always had a passion and special place in my heart for all things beauty, self care, skincare, positivity, and fashion! I hope that together we are able to embark on this wonderful journey in the world of beauty and positivity. Never forget to stay uniquely you!!💗