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The Scoop on DIY Beauty Treatments

Have you ever heard about “do it yourself” beauty treatments? Many articles claim that the best treatments can be made with products right from your own kitchen!
So, in the name of science, I decided to test some of the most popular DIY treatments to determine what really works. While I’m not one who normally heads to the kitchen to make my own products, I thought summer was the perfect time to give it a try!
One of the first treatments that stood out to me was a green tea eye mask. After doing some research I saw just how simple and genius this idea really was. All you have to do is brew green tea and let it sit in the fridge until it becomes cold. After, take cotton rounds and let them soak in the tea until they become saturated with the liquid. Final step: put on your eyes and leave them on for as long as you desire. Green tea has amazing benefits from not only drinking it but by also soaking it on your skin. The caffeine from the tea will help to shrink the appearance of blood vessels and the antioxidants help to eliminate inflammation. You will notice your eyes appear much more awake after this treatment. This is extremely easy and works! This eye mask is a great to wake yourself up in the morning when you may not want to show just how tired you’re actually feeling. 
The next DIY treatment I tried was one that I was very excited about finding. I am a huge fan of both the Sara Happ Lip Scrub and the Lush Cosmetics Lip Scrub, however each of these products can get a little bit pricey. Lip Scrubs are a great way to get soft and smooth lips during the cold winter months. This natural exfoliator will help to eliminate the problem of dry and cracked lips and is great for the preparation of any lip balm or gloss. All you need to create your very own lip scrub is white sugar, cacao powder and raw honey. Combine all of these ingredients together and let sit on your lips for about 10 minutes. You can then scrub away and feel just how soft your lips are after this very easy treatment. 
This final treatment is a necessity during the summer. After spending time in the sun it is great to use a body scrub to make your skin soft and smooth. All you need is brown sugar, a lemon and coconut or olive oil. Warm about a cup of the oil in the microwave until it is a comfortable temperature to apply on skin. Depending on how exfoliating you want your scrub to be, add as much brown sugar as you’d like. The more sugar, the more exfoliating! Finally, squeeze in your lemon and mix. The combination of these ingredients will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and smooth. Finish with your favorite body lotion and you’ll be ready to hit the beach or pool! 
There truly are so many different beauty products and treatments out and sometimes it can be difficult to know which are good and which contain an excess of chemicals. Using DIY treatments is a great all-natural way to treat your skin and wallet. Enjoy!
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