Say No To Becoming Fat On Vacation


Finally after months of working out at the A.R.C. and choosing salads over cheeseburgers and fries, you are finally ready to expose that hot bod of that you’ve worked so hard for on spring break!  If you wish to keep that body of yours looking great, you’re going to have to follow some simple steps on Spring break:

Potion control

Spring break is a time of relaxation and chilling on the beach but that doesn’t mean, it’s time to eat massive amounts of food. Instead of chowing down on massive potions at restaurants, ask your waiter to box half of your meal. By doing this you keep your potions down but also save money by having food for later! Another great tip is to share meals. By sharing your meal with a meal, you’re saving money and calories at the same time!

Besides controlling your portion sizes by not gorging on tons of food, opt for healthier choices such as baked foods instead of fried, which can save hundreds of calories One of the first things, I love to do when on vacation is to locate a grocery store so I can stock up on healthy snacks such as granola bars or cracker sandwiches. Having healthy snacks around makes it possible to make healthier decisions more often.


Tons of spring breakers enjoy drinking lots of alcohol, while on vacation but are unaware that alcohol packs loads of calories.  The average number of calories in a single serving of cranberry vodka can run between 160-170 calories.  Although having one cup of cranberry vodka isn’t bad, people tend to overindulge and have three or four, which can really add up the calories. My suggestion is to enjoy your drink but don’t overindulge.  Know your limit and perhaps burn off some of those calories by busting a dance move. I’ve heard the Bernie is really popular these days in clubs.


One of the last things that come to my mind, when I’m on vacation is exercising! It’s vacation! I should be able to relax and lay in the sun. Furthermore, it’s a hassle to put on my workout gear and trek to the old gym at hotel.  Fortunately there are a variety of ways to insure a good workout without having workout gear.  YouTube features tons of exercise videos that range from short to long or from dance to yoga. Running is also a good form of exercise that can be done virtually anywhere as well as jump rope with or without the rope! For all you club goers, dancing at the club also counts as a form of cardio! My friend always says that instead of going to the gym, she’s going to bars so she can dance off the calories!


Spring break doesn’t have to be a time of regret. Remember to follow these simply tips in order to keep that tummy tight, while vacationing in the sun!