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Red: Honoring Taylor Swift’s Iconic Autumn Album With The Six Essential Red Fall Must-Haves

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois chapter.

1. Red nail polish

Nail polish is easily the best way to incorporate a pop of color into your outfit. Red nail polish is an essential for the colder seasons, because even as you start to lose your summer tan, the red continues to give a chic elevation to any outfit. It’s super easy to do and a great excuse to hang out with your friends! The Essie nail polish in color Not Red-y for Bed is a cheap and gorgeous way to liven your look.

2. Red lipstick

Just like nail polish, a pop of red as an accessory is always a good idea. Red lipstick is the ultimate classy element, aside from a little black dress, and can take any plain look to messy french elegance in a matter of a swipe. Take any staples in your closet: a white button up and black skirt, or a white tee and jeans, and add red lipstick: you have an instantly chic fit. The price for a red lipstick can range from $2 to $200, but whatever your budget is, you’re guaranteed to look gorgeous. 

3. Red sambas

Satellite stompers have become increasingly more popular over the past few months, especially because of Harry Styles’ constant wearing of them while performing on Love On Tour. Having shoes that are easy to walk in around campus are essential, and sambas are the perfect way to not only make you look the ultimate It-Girl, but also let you roam wherever you please in comfort and style.

4. Red cowboy boots

If you are just like me and keep forgetting we live in the middle-of-nowhere Illinois, there’s no better reminder than hearing about Barn Dance and seeing a good ol’ pair of cowboy boots. The recent trend of “coastal cowgirl” and the western aesthetic has called for more country-based pieces, like cowgirl boots. What better way to show off this cute style than wearing a pair of red cowboy boots? Whether you’re a part of Greek Life and are going to Barn Dance soon, you need it for part of a Halloween costume or you simply love the look of it, it’s never a bad idea to wear a pair of these boots. 

5. Red leather jacket

Keeping away this ever-changing Illinois weather is definitely a bear, but luckily, the upside to the colder seasons is the amount of cute layering that you get to do. Jackets are essential and a red leather jacket simultaneously makes you look like the coolest person on campus, and also keeps you warm in between classes or bars. 

6. Red Ballet Flats

Ballet flats, specifically the Repetto ballet flats, have been all the rave as of late. If you’re not looking to spend $425 on a pair of shoes, don’t fret, because Steve Madden has an almost exact replica for a fifth of the price. Whether you are looking to add a pop of color into a formal dance that’s coming up, or you simply have been dying to get the ultimate Matilda Djerf it-girl shoes: red ballet flats will never disappoint.

I am a freshman at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign majoring in English Literature. I am a writer for the Her Campus branch at UIUC and am also apart of Greek Life. I am also a College Fashionista member and have partnered with various brands to help empower other women. My hobbies include: reading, writing, collecting vinyls, fashion, baking, and art. For the future, I want to be a writer at Vogue, or work as a writer in the fashion industry.