Outfits for Every Fall Mood

For all the fall-lovers out there like me, the fashion of this season makes the long-awaited time of the year even more exciting. Although in the Midwest, we only get "sweater weather" for about a week before it starts snowing, comfort and style around this time is one of the top priorities. Here are four outfits for every "fall-in-college" mood: 

1. The Very "Monday" Monday 

This is the type of outfit you throw on when you wake up late for class and just want to grab the first items you see in your closet. Put on a solid pair of black leggings and a chunky knit sweater to stay warm, as you won't have time to struggle with a jacket anyway. Pop on some casual plain white sneakers and a pair of sunglasses for a fresh-faced, no-makeup day, and rush out the door to make it to your first class.

2. The Dress-Up Day 

This one is for the girls who like to look and feel your best on at least one day of the week. I love starting this look with mom jeans because they’re flattering, super trendy and, most importantly, comfortable. Pair them with a fitted top to add some shape to the outfit, and slip on cool Chelsea boots for a versatile look. If you want to spice the look up even more, add a patterned belt. 

3. The Comfy & Casual 

The comfy & casual look is perfect for a day when you might not have much to do but still want to look presentable. Wear a pair of straight leg jeans (again, for ultimate comfort) and grab a hoodie from your giant collection. Throw on a black or contrasting denim jacket to complement your cool jeans and trendy boots, such as Doc Martens, to finish off this look.

4. The Weekender 

The weekend is many people's favorite time of the week. Whether you’re hitting the books before a night out or simply running errands to prep for the upcoming week, being both comfortable and stylish is important. I love joggers during the fall time because you can dress them up or down. Add a cropped sweatshirt or long sleeve. If it’s chilly out, top it off with a vest and slip on some comfy sneakers that are fit for walking around campus or town. 

Hopefully these outfit ideas spark some inspiration for a cozy, comfortable and trendy fall wardrobe fit for any occasion. College can be difficult, but putting together an outfit doesn’t have to be! 

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