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Our FIRST Twitter Giveaway + Our Top Tweets

This past Sunday, HC Illinois introduced our first gift card giveaway on Twitter. We wanted to thank our loyal fans (with an Urban Outfitters gift card) and also get to know some of our followers! While the contest was planned to run until Thursday, we had so many hysterical tweets —over 400 tweets to @HCIllinois in 12 hours – that we reached our contest goal in one day!

Congrats to Meghan Graham, also known as @meghancgraham, a junior HC follower who writes for the Daily Illini, for foregoing sleep (she had an 8am on Monday) and consistently tweeting to HC Illinois to win the 400th tweet and a gift card to Urban Outfitters early Monday morning.
While our team was monitoring and replying to all of the tweets, we found ourselves constantly laughing out loud at our die-hard tweeters. We compiled a list of our favorite tweets from the contest (in no particular order!):

@carriehokl – @HCIllinois this feels like christmas and the day I found out about admission to U of I all wrapped into one
@AshleighHamrick —  i have a feeling the next @HCIllinois article will be a self-help guide for twitter addicts
@megancgraham — @HCIllinois maybe new clothes will help me forget that I wore khaki overalls for a large portion of 4th grade?
@ShanMcG13 — 
@weeuh_kwanzwer only people with their natural hair color can win the @HCIllinois… its in the rules I looked
 @jessleno — i apologize to everyone who is getting my tweets on their walls. @HCIllinois
@megancgraham — @HCIllinois this action is better than the superbowl… olympics… & stanley cup COMBINED
@ekdix — @HCIllinois this is about as intense as my arc workout will be tomorrow.. although maybe not if i follow your fitness advice! #loveit
@samanthawagner –
@HCIllinois my wit, cash, and energy are running low. Are we there yet?”
@megancgraham — @ShanMcG We’ve gotten scary over here… @HCIllinois will need to do a top 10 list on how to repair friendships over tweet wars
@carriehokl — @HCIllinois you’re my 111th tweet, unfortunately I don’t give away prizes.
@carriehokl —
@ekdix @HCIllinois I’d go as far as to say that this is more stressful than any college test I’ve taken thus far.
@jessleno – “@HCIllinois we should have really made this contest trend over twitter.. #hashtag next time
@katydragich –– @HCIllinois don’t let @brecoco win the gift card. I need it more.
Thanks again for everyone who tweeted and stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook fan page for the next giveaway!

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