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Online Shopping – Which Sites to Trust or Leave in the Dust

Online Shopping – Which Sites to Trust or Leave in the Dust


Ladies! Spring break is right around the corner which means it’s crunch time to hit the mall or surf the web for swimsuits, dresses, shoes or whatever else you need! When it comes to purchasing clothing online there are advertised websites that contain shockingly cheap products. They really make you wonder if the materials used are of decent quality or if it would look completely different than the picture shown. For instance, many sites have listed for sale an entire bikini set for under $10… how could that be?! It’s risky ordering anything online because you never really know if the site is true to size, but as far as quality of clothing, I thought I’d share my comments a few sites I’ve come in contact with.


Ali Express

Ali Express is a site that ships their products directly out of China, which explains how inexpensive most everything on the site is. It’s basically Amazon but from China. It’s always a risky endeavor when I peruse this site because I’ve occasionally lucked out on a beautiful super cheap bikini. Yet, it probably isn’t worth the risk because some of their  other shirts and swimsuits were way off on their sizing. However, I found out about this site because of their decent quality jerseys for cheap and this is the only product I would recommend looking into  because it is true to size.


Shein is definitely a step up from Ali Express, but I still don’t trust 100 percent of their products. With this being said, I’ve had more successful purchases from this site than disappointing ones, and the prices are consistently unbeatable! They also ship much faster than Ali Express (typically within a week and a half). Shein is always doing promotions, so most the time, products are never full price! 


Similar to Shein, I would say Romwe is reliable a majority of the time. When I say reliable, I’m referring to sizing and quality of material. Although both these sites are slightly risky, the majority of the times I’ve purchased adorable clothing items (mostly tank tops and bikinis) for an incredibly cheap cost. I would definitely recommend browsing these sites, but pay extra close attention to the sizing charts and comments people have shared about the product.


Tobi is an online website for quality women’s clothing. It’s more expensive and higher quality than the sites listed above, and they offer 50 percent off your first order, free shipping over $50 AND free returns! This makes shopping online for cheap much less nerve racking. This is a more well-known site that I’ve heard many girls talk positively about. I’ve personally only ordered one romper from Tobi, but it is so adorable and unique! I highly recommend giving this site a look. 










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