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If you’re obsessed with trying out fun new lip colors but don’t want to drop almost the money for a Kylie Lip Kit, good news! NYX Cosmetics is a high-end, affordable beauty brand that’s been popping up everywhere. Even better, it’s certified as a cruelty free brand by organizations such as PETA. For years, this brand has been a beauty staple for makeup addicts. Now it’s coming to the forefront for those who aren’t so familiar with it, popping up on displays at Target, Ulta, and even many drugstores. Here are the best NYX beauty products to try!



Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator


This subtle, shimmery liquid easily slides onto your skin to give it a gorgeous glow. It comes in four different tints, so you can choose between pearly sheens or bronzy tans. It’s also rumored to be a great NARS illuminator dupe, as it’s only $7.50 compared to $30!



Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick



NYX’s Liquid Suede colors lips in a rich matte finish that feels like silk when applying it. This line of lipstick is notorious for coming in a wide variety of funky, vibrant colors in shades of purples, blues, blacks, and even oranges. There are 24 of these vivid lipsticks so it’s easy to try several of them when they cost just $7 apiece.



Lip Lingerie

One of the many Lingerie colors is the best choice for a nude colored lip. It comes in 24 seductively-named shades, including Lace Detail, Push Up, and Ruffle Trim. With so many choices, it’s impossible not to find a subtle shade for whatever hue you’re in the mood for. It’s so creamy that it feels like butter on your lips, and only takes one coat for complete coverage. Each tube is affordably priced at $7 on the NYX website.



Wonder Stick


Are you intimidated by contouring but have always wanted to try it? NYX makes it easy with a dual-sided foundation stick. Each of the six different combos includes a lighter shade for highlighting and a darker shade for contouring. There’s a dynamic highlighting/contouring duo for every skin tone and every amount of definition you might want to add to your face. It’s also a lot cheaper than buying two separate shades of foundation, as it’s only $12 on the NYX website.

Matte Makeup Setting Spray

Many of NYX’s products contribute to the matte trend that has been so popular. This setting spray allows you to transform any look into one that’s entirely matte. Eyes, lips, powder, foundation—you name it, you can matte-ify it! It’s also only $8 on the NYX site.

Butter Gloss

Butter gloss is perhaps NYX’s most affordable lip product, coming in at only $5 per bottle. There are an astounding 34 shimmery shades, including both neutral and vibrant ones. This lipstick gives lips a sheer, shiny look that glitters in the light for irresistible sparkle!


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