Must Have Pieces for Fall

The change in season not only means temperature drop, but a change in clothing wear. When deciding what to wear for the uncertain weather, everyone should have at least these three items ready to go in their closet. Each of these pieces can be used daily and with different outfits that will keep your Fall style in check. These three pieces include heeled boots, tuckable sweaters, and patterned miniskirts. If you have all three or at least one of these clothing items to throw on during this chilly season, I guarantee you your style will continue to be on point. 

1. Booties

Finding the right heeled boot can be difficult, but when you discover the perfect fit, it feels like everything falls right into place. When looking, consider the heel height, pattern, and above all comfort. Some places to check out for cheaper options include ASOS, NastyGal, and Forever 21. From personal experience, the first boot you may find may make you question if it’s worth the buy. However, as you continue to look you know you found the right pair when you see yourself wearing them with different clothing options and throughout all seasons. 

2. Sweaters

When you think about Fall, usually what pops in your head includes leaves falling on the ground, pumpkins, and sweaters. Sweaters that can be tucked in are a must during the season. The range of colors and lengths allows stylists to pair them with a cute pair of jeans, leggings, skirts, and more. Forever 21 has a great variety of throw on sweaters that will make any outfit take it up another level and at a very cheap price. Having just a few simple sweaters in your closet will allow you mix and match with bottoms that will keep your outfits on trend. 

3. Miniskirts

Miniskirts seem like not the most necessary piece of clothing to have during fall, but a few of them will be perfect for a casual or even going out look. Placed with a shorter sweater or tights will get your money’s worth out any miniskirt you purchase. Zara has been an excellent store to find the perfect miniskirt that will pull a whole outfit together. Their range of designs and patterns make it easy to find your ideal skirt. 

Although it is bittersweet to putting away summer clothes, bringing out fall clothes can give you a fresh new outlook on how you put clothing pieces together. It can be difficult to know what to wear in the changeable weather, but having a pair of heeled boots, sweaters, and unique miniskirts will give you a finished look that will keep you comfortable and warm. Whatever your style or preference of look, having these three simple pieces will make it easy for you to look cute while in the colder weather. Stay warm and stylish this autumn! 

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