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Every season calls for new music and while 2020 has been notably disappointing in a lot of areas, music is certainly not one of them! Enjoy this list of new releases just in time for fall. 

1. Folklore by Taylor Swift

With the perfect mix of indie and pop, Swift outdid herself for the start of fall. With songs like “the 1” and “betty,” this album has set the melancholy undertone for the season change. Opening the album with the words, “I’m doing good I’m on some new s**t” completely sets the tone for the entire album. With many ballad, slower songs, this album has the overall aesthetic of fall. Every fall needs a slow, reminiscent album and Folklore is taking the cake for this year. This is a side of Swift no one has heard before and it certainly is not going anywhere. Folklore is going to be playing on repeat all season.


2. No One Else Can Wear Your Crown by Oh Wonder

“Better now” and “Happy” completely encapsulate the fall vibes of warmth and coziness. No One Else Can Wear Your Crown is such a comforting album and has songs with original lyrics about concepts no one has really touched on before. Oh Wonder has beautiful, different sounds that sets them apart from other pop duos. With their upbeat undertones and constant use of unique sounds, their music is always a breath of fresh air. With the recent drop of this album in the middle of summer, it’s the perfect set to settle into fall with.

3. ~How Im Feeling~ by Lauv

~How I’m Feeling~ is the perfect album to describe the loneliness associated with the fall season. This album details breakups, from the good to the bad, and all the feelings that come along with it. Lauv uses his interesting sound to bring light to a new side of bedroom pop that’s certainly increasing in popularity. Lauv does a great job expressing feelings and making the listener feel part of the journey of emotion he feels. ~How I’m Feeling~ is certainly the vibe of this fall and will help you feel sane with all the emotions surrounding a pandemic.

4. Changes by Justin Bieber

Speaking of cozy, this is the perfect album to snuggle up to and feel at peace. Changes is the lovey-dovey type of vibe everyone needs for cuffing season. Songs like “Available” and “Changes” have  the classic pop upbeat sound that Bieber is so famous for. With Changes, Bieber was also able to mature his style and make a more eloquent album his fans have always known he was capable of. All in all, this is a great album for any feel good fall day. To ignore the feelings of loneliness and focus on more attractiveness, Changes is the perfect sexy album to put listeners into the fall mood.

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