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Music Blog: Who’s Justice Beaver?

Justin Bieber has become a household name that only Dwight Schrute could have no idea who he is. This 17-year-old heartthrob has been taking names and breaking hearts all across the world for over two years now, with fans just dying to be his “Baby”. I have recently fallen under this phenomenon known as “Bieber Fever”, and man did it hit me hard. It’s an illness that has been sweeping the globe. Symptoms have been said to be panic attacks when seeing pictures of him with any girl that is not you (hem, hem Selena Gomez), your heart skipping a beat every time you hear him sing, swooning over every tweet he makes, and shedding a few tears when he got that infamous hair cut, among others. Who could have guessed that the honey voiced, big brown-eyed, and golden-locked boy would have, even me, dying to be his “One Less Lonely Girl”? Probably just his ten million other fans

What sparked the initial Bieber epidemic was when a music manager discovered the then 14-year-old’s YouTube account where he posted videos of himself singing cover songs from artists such as Usher and Ne-Yo, and signing him on to a record label. After that, all it took was “One Time” for fans to get a glimpse of his cute little face and his not-quite-through-puberty-yet, high-pitched voice to fall madly in love. He’s given toddlers, tweens, teens, and even moms, “Somebody to Love”.
A big thing that the Biebs has going for him is the fact that he is truly a talented boy. Everyone already knows that he has a voice so beautiful it could cure the sick (or maybe just those plagued with the fever…), but he can also play a wide variety of instruments. After watching his new movie, Never Say Never (Go see it, it’s Oscar worthy), I learned all of this new information about him that really fueled the fire of my fever. Since he was a small child he’s been unbelievably gifted; as a toddler he could keep a perfect beat, which led him to expertly play the drums at an early age, and he also taught himself to play the guitar, piano, and trumpet. Talk about a musically-gifted boy whose talents have only been enhanced as he’s gotten “Bigger.” Spouting off of his musical skills, the kid knows how to dance. He can even keep up with Chris Brown as he expertly glides across the stage, and in at least one performance, goes so far as to rap along with Brown on his fast-paced single, “Look at Me Now”. As Justin would tweet, that’s #swag.

He’s the first artist to have ever had seven songs from a debut album on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and yet, he’s still surprisingly “Down To Earth”. He gives both time and money to charity, makes sure to “Pray” before every show, keeps up great relationships with his family and friends, and is undoubtedly devoted to his fans. Having over 10,000,000 followers on Twitter just shows the magnitude of people watching Bieber’s every move and he manages to handle the pressure with grace and rarely slips up.

At only 17-years-old Justin Bieber has become a world-renowned superstar that has amazing talent and looks, with a great personality to boot. Sure, along with all of his fans he does have a lot of people hating on him (his “Baby” video on YouTube is the second most disliked video on the site, only topped by Rebecca Black’s “Friday”), but you can’t deny that he’s got talent. I mean, if he asked me to marry him I’d “Never Say Never”.

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