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Music Blog: FUN

What’s better than 70 degree weather in the middle of March? Having music to rock out to while your soak up the sun! This weather requires the right outfits, the right location for sun bathing, and the right music to stock your IPod. I have recently started listening to the perfect band to get you pumped up for this weather, Fun!

One simple word, with so much punch! Fun!  Nate Reuss, former singer of “The Format”, started the band with Andrew Dost and Jack Antroff in 2008.  It took a little while for people to tune into this indie band, but today they are sweeping through campuses and radio everywhere.  They have released two albums since 2009, “Aim and Ignite” and “Some Nights.”


If you were a fan of the band “The Format,” you will notice some similarities in the sounds of the two bands.  Reuss brings his Format style to the band “fun,” which fans are more than appreciate,  The band has also been featured in a recent commercial for Chevy.  The “We Are Young” anthem brings energy to the commercial, and has also become a favorite for many young people.  If you have been on campus with your windows down, you more than likely have heard this song blasting from speakers.  This song, along with other hits, have made “fun” a staple for any warm weather playlist.

“Fun” would be a great band to add onto your Spring Break playlist now that the week has officially begun! I have been driving my friends crazy with my new obsession with this band, so now I am sharing the obsession with all of you! Here are some of my favorite songs from “fun”!

  1. We Are Young
  2. Some Nights
  3. Be Calm
  4. Light a Roman Candle With Me

I wish I could include all their songs, but these are just a few I love.  I hope you enjoy them! Have a safe and fun spring break everyone! HC love.

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