Midwest Summer Road Trip Destinations

Midwest Road Trip Summer Destinations

If you’re not going to Chicago, Milwaukee, or Cleveland, many people might be stumped why you’d want to stay in the Midwest. However, there are tons of picture-perfect places in the Midwest that get thousands of visitors every year. So pack up the trunk, create a bomb mixtape, and visit some of the destinations this summer!


Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

Lake Geneva is the perfect place to go if you’re getting a little bored with Lake Michigan. There are tons of restaurants, water activities, hotels, and lake houses! It is the perfect location whether it’s just a day trip, or for a week on the lake. There are also lakes around Lake Geneva, in case you wanted some more space to blow up your floaties while still being close to downtown.

Hocking Hills, Ohio

If you love to hike and camp, this place is for you. If you love Starving Rock in Illinois, then this place is for you. Many people may look over Ohio or just go to Cleveland. At Cedar Falls, there are many opportunities to go on hikes and see beautiful scenery, and lots of waterfalls. If you’re looking to switch up your camp spot, check it out!

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Had to put another Wisconsin location on the list because come on, who doesn’t love cheese. But Kenosha is a great place to find cheap local food, while still doing picturesque activities such as sailing, and biking. Check out Frank’s Diner if you’re there- it’s the oldest continuously operating lunch car diner!


Branson, Missouri

Now, this location does border on Arkansas, but it is worth the trip. Branson, Missouri is home to the very beautiful Table Rock Lake. With loads of activities and nightlife, Branson is the perfect place to get that lake experience while also getting the meditative time of a longer road trip. Can anyone say girls trip?


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