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Local Eats: Champaign’s Newest Restaurants

It’s the end of August, which means school is starting again, campus is becoming busier, new shops and restaurants are opening and construction is beginning to clear out…(we hope!) With that being said, there are so many choices to consider on campus when looking for food. Since, most students are only on campus for four years or less, it’s important to try new restaurants when you’re deciding to go out to eat. We’re not here for long so why not get started right away! Here is a list of 5 new places to try on campus this fall! 


  1. Naya

  • This new Italian restaurant is in a great location. It’s right across the street from The Red Lion and is owned by the same people who opened Miga in Downtown Champaign. It’s menu is on the pricier side but the ambiance can be compared to a nice restaurant in Chicago. It can be a great spot for Dad’s Weekend this fall!

Photo: https://www.facebook.com/NAYAChampaign/

2) Everyday Kitchen Restaurant and Bar 

  • This fun and lively restaurant isn’t directly on campus BUT it’s right on the border. It’s a great place to go for brunch on the weekends or dinner with friends after a long week of classes. The menu has a lot of different options which is helpful for those with restrictive diets. If you and your friends or family are looking to change it up and go someone off campus for a meal, definitely try this place out! 

Photo: https://www.opentable.com/r/everyday-kitchen-restaurant-and-bar-champaign

3) Pizzeria Antica

  • Looking for a gourmet pizza spot? Pizzeria Antica may be the perfect place for you! As the website says, “An Authentic Neapolitan Pizza Experience” and it’s true! You could get these kinds of pies all over the east coast, Chicago, and of course Italy! It’s a perfect place to go with friends and share the pizzas to keep the price down. 

Photo: https://anticachampaign.com/


4) Taco Bell 

  • We’re finally getting a Taco Bell on Green Street! Yes, I know what you’re thinking…Taco Bell is extremely different than the previous 3 restaurants however that doesn’t make it any less amazing! It will be very convenient for fast dinners, or delicious late night snacks.

Photo: https://www.tacobell.com/how-to-eat-veggie

5) Howdy Burger 

  • Looking for a place that sells burgers, chicken and hot dogs? Then come check out Howdy Burger on Green Street. It has a low price point and options for everyone. If you’re craving that juicy burger you get back home or a yummy hot dog from the baseball game, then definitely try Howdy Burger

Photo: https://www.ubereats.com/en-US/champaign/food-delivery/howdy-burger/izX5HboFSmyNNcrR923HIg/


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