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Hot to Survive a Midwest Winter

It’s not even the New Year and many Collegiettes have already started their countdown to Spring Break 2012!  However, Urbana Champaign has at least two to three more months of winter. Don’t worry Her Campus has 10 great tips to make through blustery winds, blizzards, and below zero temperatures like a pro!
1. Boots
If you haven’t already, invest in a pair of boots!  According to Farmer’s Almanac, Winter 2012 for Illinois is going to be cold and very snowy.  Keep your toes dry with a pair of boots, but don’t forget to buy waterproof spray!

2. Boot Liners
Once you pick out a lovely pair of boots or if you already have a great pair of rain boots, make them even better by inserting a pair of warm boot liners.  They come in all patterns from solid colors to cheetah print!  Stay toasty warm with wool, fleece, or furry boot liners.

3. Winter Coat 
The black North Face or the other jacket you have been wearing for the past three months at college will not hold up against a Midwest winter, trust HC!  A very warm coat is in order for this coming winter’s weather.  Don’t worry about looking silly in a long, poof coat, everyone will be bundled too, plus you’ll be warm!

4. Ear Warmer
Tired of your ears freezing or messing up your hair my pull a hat over your ears?  With the stylish ear warmers scene around campus this year your problem is solved!  This cute accessory can be found at most clothing stores having anything from crocheted flowers to fur on them.

5. Infinity Scarf
While we’re bundling up let’s add a scarf!  If you still can’t figure a good way to tie your scarf, try an infinity scarf.  Suitable for outdoors or a cozy outfit, it will soon become your favorite accessory.


6. Touchscreen Gloves
One of the worst feelings after walking outside in the winter is realizing you have to take off your glove to use your phone or change the song on you IPod.  However, HC would like to introduce you to the best thing since the smartphone its self, touchscreen gloves!  Made specifically for using your touchscreen phone outdoors without taking your gloves off, their textured thumb and pointer allow you to navigate through your phone as if you didn’t even have gloves on!

7. Espresso Royale Punch Card
If you haven’t already, you need to get your hands on an Espresso Royale Punch Card!  We know, a lot of use would prefer to order our regular Venti beverage at Starbucks, but it always great to help smaller businesses out.  Dashing from class to class on the quad walk on over to Espresso on Daniel St. and buy a large cup of coffee or hot chocolate to warm you up.  If you ask for a punch card, after ten punches you get a drink of your choice, any size, for free!

8. Lotion
A draw back to being so well prepared for the cold weather, dressing head to toe in warm clothes, is static electricity.  As soon as you take off your scarf your hair clings to your neck and everything you touch is met with a little electric shock.  This is because the cold weather makes everything super dry.  The best way to fight the dryness is find your favorite lotion and put on frequently.  Soon you will find your hands not to be cracking and your life not so shocking!

9. Chapstick
Along with your skin drying out, the same goes for you lips!  The dry air and cold wind makes your lips crack, but as long as you lather on your favorite ChapStick, Burt’s Bee, or Carmex and they’ll stay perfectly smooth!  Pick up a couple, one for your purse for when your going out and one for your back pack to put on between classes!

10. Spring Break Trip
Last, but certainly the best part of winter is the promise of spring!  Organize an awesome Spring Break trip with your roommates, sorority sisters, or friends and have that be your celebration for making it through the winter!


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