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Her Campus Illinois Fashion Guide to LollaPalooza

Lollapalooza is more like fashion-palooza for all the crazed teeny-boppers equipped with iPhones and Instagram accounts. It doesn’t matter what concert they are seeing, but more like what crop top they are sporting. Music Festivals have been trending and the outfits worn are even trendier. So, I present “Her Campus’s Lollapalooza Style Guide” for those who are going in with the mindset, “Picture or it didn’t happen.” 
Classic Crop Top Commodity
Crop tops have become a common style necessity. However, now that everyone and their mothers own a crop top (yes I have seen a mom in a crop top) you have to “out crop” the others by investing in more than just a belly shirt. This can be quite a feat, however here are some options. Summer 2014 has been filled with lace, beaded and tye-dye crops so keep an eye out for those when searching for that special one. 
Dancing Dresses 
Lollapalooza is known for its mosh pits of people sweating all over each other. When you are in the heat, you will want something flowy that allows MAJOR air circulation. Dresses are the perfect solution and this season’s dresses are ideal. Step outside your Sunday brunch comfort zone and find a more grungy or hippie look for this year’s music festival. Brandy Melville’s selection is a personal favorite. 
You have to be hiding under a rock if you haven’t seen that patterned shorts are trending this summer. Luckily, they couldn’t be a better fit for Lollapalooza. Breezy and comfortable, your sweat will be soaked right up with these shorts. You can pair a crop top or a looser fitting shirt with these gems. Coming in all different colors and patterns, you can find a design to fit your unique style. 
However, if these shorts are not for you, Lolla lovers can’t get enough of high-waisted jean shorts. You can get these everywhere in any style. They are perfect if you are not acquainted with the fashion world yet but want to look as stylish as your high rolling friends. Pair them with a plain tank top or a more fun top – if you’re feeling up to the challenge! 
The kimono will take reign this year at Lolla. The cool, thin material will be a comfortable fit over a tank top and shorts. Inspired from the traditional Japanese garment, America has taken this style and turned it into an American necessity- and a Lolla necessity! They turn any basic outfit into a stylish ensemble. 
Fanny Packs
One can’t survive lolla without a fanny pack wrapped around their waist. These grandma inspired cloth waist bags will hold all your Lolla needs. Make sure you squeeze a water bottle in them! We don’t want you getting dehydrated as you walk down the Lolla runway. 
These may not be as stylish, but don’t leave the house without a: water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen, spare cash and maybe some pretzels to soak up that . . . hunger. 
Lollapalooza is once a year, which means you only have one chance-or three chances with a three-day pass- to snap that fashionable photograph. My suggestions are just to spark your imagination and let your fashion forward mind run free.
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