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Fun Recipes to Spice Up Your Friendsgiving

It’s that time of year again– the season for fun, gratitude, and of course, endless Friendsgiving feasts! If you don’t want to rely on the same old tried-and-true though, here are a few fun fresh ideas to bring some spice to the friend table!

1) pumpkin mac n’ cheese

Bring a new twist to a classic favorite with pumpkin mac and cheese! Extra bonus, many recipes tend to be easy to class up with lots of herbs and spices or dress down by just adding pumpkin puree to a normal recipe.

2) Apple cookies

Apple cookies are such a refreshing fall favorite and deceptively simple– it just takes a few spices and apples on a normal sugar cookie recipe to have everyone begging for your recipe.

3) butternut squash soup

It is so easy to cook a large batch of this cozy fall comfort food as an appetizer for the main event. Any leftovers will keep you feeling festive for days to come!

4) roasted chicken

While turkey is a Thanksgiving staple, it can be so difficult to prepare and cook one in a dorm or apartment. With turkey, there are inevitably mountains of leftovers, so why not skip it and go for a basic roast chicken? It’s just as flavorful while being a lot easier to prepare and just a little untraditional!

5) mashed potato casserole

Make the mashed potatoes the star of the meal instead of a side dish by turning them into a casserole! They are so easy to bake ahead of time, and your vegetarian friends will be so glad to be included in the main dish!

6) pumpkin pie dip

Pumpkin pie is delicious, but can be easy to get sick of when it’s everywhere– why not turn it into a dip instead? It makes it so much easier to serve to a big crowd and will look amazing plated with graham crackers.

7) turkey bites

Another fun way to give everyone the turkey experience without it being too much to handle– make them the appetizer! You can wrap them in bacon, put them on a toothpick– the possibilities are endless!

Mehek Kapur

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I'm a sophomore at the University of Illinois double majoring in English and Organizational Psychology and Vice President/Recruitment Advisor at Delta Kappa Delta.
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