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Now that it’s finally getting warmer (and by that, I mean above 50 F), spring is nearly in fully swing! No more cold dreary days indoors, meaning I’m here to break down some fun outdoor activities around campus for you and your friends before the semester ends.  


One of the best parts about being a student at UIUC is the main quad. With the view of the Union on one end and Foellinger Hall on the other, the quad is a perfect way to spend a sunny day. There’s always plenty of students playing spike ball with friends, throwing frisbees or relaxing in hammocks. Even doing homework at the outdoor Union tables, it’s an amazing atmosphere to be in and is sure to brighten your day. And if you want a quieter space to be in if the main quad is too crowded for your liking then the south quad is right next door and tends to be a bit emptier and more spread out.  


A trip every Illini should make at some point is to the Japan House. Located at the south end of campus, the Japan House features all kinds of beautiful nature. They host all kinds of events throughout the year, but the best time of year is April when their infamous cherry blossoms are in full bloom. It’s the perfect time to go down and take pictures with friends or have a picnic or even go enjoy one of their tea ceremony events. They have a full list of their events and attractions on their website and right next door is the arboretum, another beautiful space to spend an afternoon.  

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A lesser known space that’s a little outside of campus in Urbana is Busey Woods. It’s a short hiking trail located at the north end of crystal park lake. It’s perfect if you’re looking to get off campus for a bit and fully immerse yourself in some nature and quiet. Other good hiking trail options include Allerton Park & Retreat Center, which is especially known for their holiday lights and decorations in the winter, but also a great option for walking trails and picnicking.  


Finally, each year downtown Champaign hosts their farmer’s market which is every Tuesday from 3-6pm. Although it doesn’t start until May 16th when most students have gone home, it continues through October, so it is a great outing to keep in mind for when you and your friends come back to campus in the fall. However, if you’re looking for the farmer’s market experience before then there is the Champaign-Urbana Winter Farmers Market on Saturdays in April from 8am-12pm.  

Overall, with the weather getting warmer, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy being outside both alone and with friends in these last weeks of the semester!

Rawan El-Bawab

Illinois '26

My name is Rawan, I'm a freshmen at UIUC from Chicago and I'm super excited to be a part of Her Campus! A little about me, I pretty much spend all my free time hanging out with friends, watching movies/TV shows and listening to music.