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Five Websites To Help With Presentations And Personal Endeavors


When it comes to school related final projects, Microsoft Powerpoint is usually the go-for-tool. But there are so many more options online now- and they’re free. 

(5 stars) Prezi: an online resource for creating innovative, as well as aesthetically pleasing presentations. The benefit of a prezi is that there is more flexibility in layout, and it provides leeway for more creativity. Because many people are becoming more spatial/visual in learning, this resource is a great way to hold the attention of an audience, as well as to leave them remembering what’s been shown. 


(5 stars) Dropbox: While this might not be an online resource for creating presentations, it’s certainly one that can be utilized to save them. Using dropbox can be essential for creating back-ups of files, and with the ‘share folder’ option, working on group projects can be easier. Presuming not everyone can meet on a given day, each can contribute from afar, upload, share work, and communicate efficiently- without the threat of someone not showing up with needed materials in class the next day. On dropbox, everything is stored online. Provided you have internet access- you’re good. 


(4.5 stars) WordPress: a blog generator dedicated to providing templates and layouts which cater to the needs of individuals and groups. In an RSO? Want your group to become more public? Want something a bit more dapper than a Facebook or Tumblr profile? WordPress is the way to go. WordPress offers apps for iOS on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch products, Android phones, the Blackberry, the Windows Phone, the ‘modern’ Nokia, and WebOS. 


(3 stars) Powerbullet Presenter: is something that can be downloaded for Flash presentations. The only drawback is, the OS’s it runs on are Windows XP, Vista, and 7. It’s a free download, but it requires installation, whereas Prezi and WordPress do not. 


Of course, there’s always good old trusty Microsoft PPT. But why not experiment? Channel that desire to be artistic- let your education and presentations inspire.

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