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Five Stunning Coachella Outfits

Warm weather has approached us and that means festival season has, too! When we think of spring/summer festivals, the most popular and well known festival in the United States is Coachella. Celebrities, singers, models, influencers, brands, fans, and more all gather in Indio, California for one of the highest grossing music festivals in the world. People come together not only for the music, but also for the fashion Coachella has become famous for. It’s where many people now come together to showcase their outfit, hair, and makeup ensembles. Coachella was once mainly known for its bohemian-styled attire, but the clothing styles today now belong to every category of fashion. Here are some of the most unique and best looks at Coachella weekend! 

1. Tinashe

Tinashe performed with Snakehips onstage during the festival and wore such a unique look! The sneakers paired with denim shorts (a classic Coachella fashion piece) over crystal tights and the top/bra are stunning. She also added a sheer jacket to make the look more covered while still looking sexy. She took many fashion trends and put them together for a head-turning look. 

2. Jasmine Tookes 

Victoria’s Secret Angel Jasmine Tooke looked absolutely breathtaking at the Revolve party at Coachella. She wore a bathing suit under the most intricate bathing suit cover up/dress at the party. Her hat, hoop earrings, and sandals were all toned down, allowing the dress to shine, but still added to her festival vibe. 

3. Shay Mitchell

Actress and model Shay Mitchell looked gorgeous in her outfit choice. It was very simple, making it effortlessly beautiful. She paired black and white which made the look very chic, like she wasn’t trying too hard, but still knew she looked fabulous! Her super-straight hair with the black booties added an edgy vibe to the overall outfit. 

4. Winnie Harlow

Fashion model Winnie Harlow took her Coachella outfit to a whole new level. She had a simple look with distressed jeans and a crop top, but had red heels to match her vibrant red top and even paired fashionable red sunglasses to match. It had the perfect hints of red without being overbearing, making it chic and beautiful.

5. Taylor Hill

Model Taylor Hill wore one of the festival’s best looks! The purple color was so mesmerizing and the details on the skirt and crop top were very unique. A trend many people wore during this year’s festival was sparkles and glitter, which she had on her forehead and cheeks. She added blue earrings to match the blue shine from her skirt and crop top which was such a beautiful color combination!

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