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Finding Baes Post College Days

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois chapter.

Let’s face it ladies, after we’ve received our diplomas and landed a full-time career, the only piece missing from our puzzle is where to find our prince charming. Meeting fellas at frat parties or classes was fun while it lasted, but where do we go from here? Many women still bank on meeting the right man at a bar when they’re out for drinks with their girlfriends, which is a good start, but striking up a conversation in a more unexpected place may lead to more curiosity and stimulation for you and your potential lover.


Produce Section

Instead of limiting yourself to only meeting men when going out on a Friday or Saturday night, consider what qualities you’re looking for in a partner when thinking outside the box. Want a man that will cook for you? Look no further than your local grocery store, and more specifically, the produce section. Any guy can buy frozen pizzas, but it’s surprising how impressed I am when I see young men buying spinach or kale or brussel sprouts. You may be thinking how you never interact with other humans when grocery shopping, but that’s my point exactly! If you look halfway decent and spot a cutie, roll your cart right up next to him and comment on what he’s buying or bring up a recipe. Being this bold will come with its rewards – if he’s friendly and easygoing, he’ll most likely reciprocate your enthusiasm which can lead to longer conversation, number exchanging, and quite possibly a dinner date that night!



So maybe you took a trip to Harvest Market and only found shoppers twice your age. Another great place to guarantee find you some hunks is the gym. Although initiating conversation may be slightly more difficult and intimidating, it’s easy to recognize individuals because many come at similar times throughout the week as part of their weekly routine. This is a great talking point! Saying something bold and simple or even merely making noticeable eye contact sends off signals. If you prefer men making the first move, try using some of the heavier lifting machines that men tend to stick around at the gym. For example, my friends and I just started heading down to the “man cave” basement at the ARC, and we’ve now been exposed to way more testosterone than when we used to stick to solely cardio machines.


Take Your Dog for a Walk

My next suggestion is one of the easier routes in putting yourself out there and initiating conversations. It may sound like an easy fix, but if you or a friend has a dog, take it for a walk whenever you have free time and it’s a nice day. Having a cute pooch around helps break the ice when walking past groups of cuties, plus who doesn’t love puppies! My roommate walks her bosses’ dog almost every day, and one time her leash got tangled up in our cute neighbor’s dog’s leash. It seems like a scene from a movie, but little interactions like this are bound to happen if you utilize the beautiful weather we’ve been having, grab a coffee, and tune in to your community.

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