Fashion: Leather Lovers

Leather accents are one of my favorite fall accessories. It is officially fall, which means time to wear sweaters, riding boots, scarves and obviously, leather. I think all leather items are to die for, but here are a few instances where small bursts of leather do just the trick.

Leather jackets are one of the most versatile items of clothing you can wear. I would definitely consider my leather jacket a staple item in my closet. You can incorporate it into almost any outfit, creating a much trendier look.

Wearing leather brings edge — and who doesn’t love that this season. If you don’t consider your wardrobe to be edgy, try incorporating colored leather. This red leather jacket is adorable and adds the perfect element of edge. But, if it is your first leather jacket, I would suggest sticking with the classic black.

You can also choose your leather jacket to fit your personality. Some jackets are styled with an abundance of details and zippers, while others are more tailored and simple. No matter what your style is, I can guarantee there is most likely a leather jacket out there for you.

Now, to introduce my favorite trend: leather accents! Leather can be transformed from day to night, and this trend is making it that much easier. I think simple, leather details on clothing items are fabulous. I love leather elbow patches! Also, leather pockets on t-shirts or casual dresses are great. It allows something casual, like a sweater, to be transformed into something more sophisticated. And as we all know, you can never be overdressed or overeducated.

A leather vest is a great alternative to a leather jacket. For fall, you can wear a sweater underneath to keep warm. A vest has the same feel as a leather jacket, but with just a little less fabric. This is an easier way to include leather into your wardrobe.

Obviously college students are on a budget, and you might not want to bring your brand new real leather jacket into Kam’s. Excitingly, leather vests can be very inexpensive compared to a leather jacket. You can always find faux leather or vegan leather (a personal favorite) instead of the real deal.

If you don’t completely think that you’re ready to rock full leather pants, go for the tuxedo stripe of leather. This incorporates a very classic feel into an edgy piece of clothing. I have a pair of all black pants with skinny black leather paneling down the side. This is so subtle, but at the same time very trendy. You can wear them with virtually anything! They just give off a nighttime feel and dress up the outfit for the occasion.

Another one of my favorite leather accents this season is the leather sleeve. I have seen tons of variations of this style. From jean jackets to cargo trenches, you really can’t go wrong here. This also adds a fun level of edge that’s perfect for spicing up your outfit a little bit. Wear a leather-sleeved jacket paired with black skinnies and pumps, and you’re ready for a girl’s night out!

Whether you’re going to class or out for the night, leather is the hottest trend right now. The next time you’re feeling trendy, take my advice and add a little bit of edge with leather!