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Fashion Blog: Superhero Style Fashion – Catwoman

Odds are you haven’t been bitten by a radioactive spider and your parents aren’t from a distant planet. So you’re not a superhero in the traditional sense, but hat doesn’t mean you can’t do heroic deeds! Volunteer, help an old lady at the grocery store with her bags, recycle, join Peace Corps, be a good friend! There are lots of ways you can help out your community and look like a superhero while doing it! Check out these awesome super-heroine inspired looks!

1. The LBLJ (Little Black Leather Jumpsuit)

Catwoman, Black Widow, some of the X-Men, and lots of spies don the body-hugging non-forgiving jumpsuit for their crime fighting activities. Catwoman owns her whole look and uses it to her advantage, so get inspired by this less-superhero, more versatile look. This jumpsuit from Diesel is sexy and badass, but not over the top or like a costume.

Looking for a more creative stab at the leather jumpsuit look, but a little apprehensive on going full leather? Try layering one of these American Apparel bodysuits under leather skinny jeans or a leather circle skirt with tights underneath.

Basically, any time I see tight leather or shiny spandex, I think of Catwoman or some female superhero, so throw in one or two pieces and rock that signature look!

2. The Mask, Makeup, and Accessories

Here’s a version of Catwoman’s mask created by a Halloween costume designer. It’s very sexy and custom, so if you plan on dressing as Catwoman this coming Halloween as I expect many ladies will be, this mask will set you apart.

Don’t want to cover your eyes or afraid it’ll get too hot? Wear this adorable headband by Eugenia Kim!

You can’t leave your fingerprints behind if you’re planning on stealing from Bruce Wayne, so top off your gorgeous outfit with these leather gloves.

The obvious choice for Catwoman-inspired makeup is the cat-eye. Use liquid liner for a bold and precise line. Then paint your lips red!

3. Shoes

Most female superheroes wear 5-inch stilettos while running and jumping over rooftops to catch the villain. If you are feeling especially adventurous and heroic, take a cue from the likes of Catwoman. Anne Hathaway’s shoes in The Dark Knight Rises were amazing and one villain even asked her if it hurt to walk in them before she knocked him out!

These L.A.M.B. Hylda boots have a 5-inch heel!

Here is a more comfortable alternative from Madden Girl, available at Zappos:

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