Fashion Blog: Now Trending - Burgundy


Whether you want to call it burgundy, deep red, oxblood, maroon or wine-red, this shade is definitely trending. Wearing this deep red color is one of my favorite looks for fall, and since it is such a big trend right now, you will not have a problem finding it in stores. A way to incorporate this color into your wardrobe is through your jeans. I love the way burgundy jeans look with a classic fall outfit: a chunky sweater, a scarf and a great pair of boots. Wearing colored jeans can turn your simple look into something much more fashionable. 


Next, wearing small amounts of burgundy instead of one pop of color can be done through accessories. I love the way deep red scarves look with fall outfits. Incorporating red is so easy and looks great with denim, black or leather. Also, burgundy nail polish is a simple way to get your deep red fall fix. Some of my favorites include Essie’s “Bordeaux,” Essie’s “Size Matters” and Chanel’s “Lotus Rouge.” Oxblood shoes look so cute as well—booties, flats or boots! 

Lastly, outerwear is another way to add this shade of red into your closet. I love the way oxblood blazers and cardigans complete your whole look. Layering them with solid whites, creams or tans look fabulous. A staple outfit is jeans paired with a patterned shirt, a simple burgundy blazer and basic jewelry. Also, trenches and leather jackets are both trendy styles that would look great in a deep red. 


It does not matter if you are being bold with your burgundy jeans or simply sporting the deep red nails; any way you wear this shade this season will benefit your overall fall look. Red pairs especially well with denim, black and white patterns, camel and even navy. It is a very versatile shade that you will see plenty of this fall.