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The Entourage Hits Campus – What You Missed!

 Vincent Chase, world famous actor, has officially made his mark on U of I’s campus. The man who everyone loves and roots for has finally made a trip to Champaign and charmed everyone at the event.
Okay, to be fair it was actually Adrian Grenier, the man who plays Vincent Chase on Entourage, but everything I said is still true. Millions have fallen in love with him on the show, playing the rags-to-riches, lovable star that everyone roots for in the end. This isn’t the first role that Grenier played, but it definitely is one that put him on the map in Hollywood.

Fortunately, he’s using this star attention for good and the public rather than partying all the time on Hollywood Boulevard. In 2010 he released a documentary he had been working on, titled “Teenage Paparazzo”. It dives into the life of the media and the craze that surrounds celebrities. “The film is two-fold. It looks at the paparazzi industry, digging into how far photographers will go for shots and how images can influence celebrity gossip.


This is what brought Grenier to our doorstep- he came to the Illini Union just this last Monday to promote the documentary himself. I asked Anna, a senior in the college of ACES, a couple of questions about the event, which she attended.
Q: Were there a lot of people there?
A: Yes, it wasn’t completely full there but I would guess there were about 200-300 people.
Q: What did he talk about?
A:  Mainly about the documentary itself. It’s about the media and people’s obsession with celebrities.
Q: Did he show the documentary?
A: No, he just told us about it.
Q: What was your overall opinion of the event in general?
A: It was interesting to see him in real life since I watch him on Entourageso much. He didn’t seem too different than his character from the show. He plays a man who’s pretty laid back and he seemed like he was too. I thought it was cool that he’s taking the time to promote to us himself.

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