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Easy things to incorporate into your routine for a healthier lifestyle

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois chapter.

As college students, we tend to have off days or can even disregard what is healthy for us when we have a busy schedule ahead of us. We ignore our simple needs and just do what may be the easiest thing, ultimately ignoring things that can help us destress. We also tend to ignore simple health needs, but I will be mentioning easy things to incorporate into your routine for a healthier lifestyle!

Working out 3-5X Week

We all remember hot girl walks, so why not just maximize those to get up to 10k steps? Find a friend, walk a dog, or just go by yourself when you’re up for it. If you want to challenge yourself, you can also incorporate weight lifting into your routine! Search up specific workouts and sets that could help you feel accomplished; maybe you’ll even make a friend through the gym! Even going for at least 30 min is a great start in building your stamina.

Eating at Least 3 Meals a Day

Amid our busy schedules, some college students may forget to eat as often as they should and that can slow them down. College students are also notorious for participating in heavy drinking culture. We may be grabbing any last-minute meals, so we have time to get ready for a night out. Drinking excessive alcohol can lead to digestive issues, among other things. It could be helpful to craft out a meal schedule ahead of time, so we can plan ahead for 3 meals a day. This will keep us from resorting to last-minute meals as much, while also meeting our nutritious goals. I’m not saying you should stop partying, but even also limiting your drinks per week can help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Increasing Water Intake

Most people lower their water intake and replace it with coffee, energy drinks, or sodas. It could be helpful to leave a full glass of water next to your bedside, so you have it first thing in the morning. There are also plenty of water bottles designed to help you meet your daily goal. Obviously drinking an excessive amount of water will not be helpful either. But, making a habit to sip and pace yourself will help you stay fit and hydrated all day.

Limiting Social Media Usage

Social media already has its own backlash. Although we live in an era where it’s being constantly used, limiting our social media usage will help lower our fear of missing out, help gain more confidence, and give us more time for other activities that will help us be more present. This can help us find peace and find new ways to fall in love with ourselves.

Investing More Time Reading Books  

Finding a good book may be difficult, but so many options are starting to arise. There are plenty of fun reading lists posted across social media platforms as well as the famous Book Tok trend on Tik Tok! Investing your time in reading may help you increase your vocabulary, shape your world view, and promote new types of intellectual stimulation.

I am a recreation, sports and tourism major and will be concentrating in sports management as well as I will be working on research towards latino communities.