Drugstore Beauty Products Worth Trying Out This Fall Season

Fall is finally among us- some wait all year for these next few months while others (like myself) are mourning the official end of summer. So as we trade in shorts and t-shirts for sweaters and boots and iced coffee for hot apple cider, we also need to consider changing up our beauty routine- the reason being is that with fall comes colder weather and with colder weather comes dried skin and chapped lips. There are tons of products to save your skin this fall season, but I decided to share my all time favorites that you can find in the drugstore, which are inexpensive and easy to find for us college students!

1. Cetaphil Face Wash for Redness-Prone Skin

I recently found this face wash at Walgreens and decided to test it out - its only been two weeks, and I’m definitely feeling a difference. This foaming face wash rinses the dirt, makeup and sweat that accumulates throughout the day and can clog your pores. It’s also perfect for anyone with sensitive skin as it’s so gentle and doesn’t contain any ingredients that irritates you skin. Cetaphil is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling clean, soothed and moisturized, so definitely give it a try!


2. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream

This moisturizer is seriously a life saver during the cold, windy months. Applying this right after you wash your face will instantly hydrate your skin and make it look smooth and healthy. The hydro boost cream is light weight on your skin which I love because it doesn’t leave you feeling oily like most lotions tend to do. You only need a little bit, and it’ll make all the difference.

3. Nieva Lip Care

Look no further than the Nieva Lip Care chapsticks to save you from chapped lips this fall. With ingredients like Shea butter and jojoba oil, Neiva chapsticks deeply moisturizes your lips and provides long-lasting protection. This chapstick isn’t heavily scented nor is it colored, so it’s perfect for everyday use. It is also a super convenient size so you can throw it your backpack or pocket and bring it with you everywhere. 


4. Essie’s Fall Collection

Essie’s new fall collection of nail polishes are perfect for the autumn aesthetic. They have neutral, simple tones that embrace the fall spirit and are perfect for this season. Whether you like light or dark colors on your nails, this collection will fit everyones taste! It's only avalaible for a limtied time, so check it out while you can!



Pro-Tip: You don't always have to invest in expensive or luxurious beauty products, sometimes drugstores have great options to try out!


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