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DIY Yeezys: Save $ While Still Looking Like Pablo


Kanye West’s most recent line, Yeezy Season 3, dropped this October. It featured a variety of sock knit boots made popular by the Kardashians. It’s easily one of the hottest shoe trends this season. The cute heels retail for $895, but genius beauty bloggers have discovered a way to rock this style without the ridiculous cost.

This brilliant DIY was made popular by Instagram star Shay Chersie, whose Instagram video hack has gone viral. Many other fashion bloggers have followed suit, inspiring women everywhere to showcase their own style for a little more than the price of a latte.

There are a lot of ways to DIY the boots, but for the most part it follows three key steps: pull socks over the pumps, cut a hole for the heels and reinforce the bottom. You’ll need a pair of heels, a pair of tall socks, scissors, sand paper and some glue.

First, pull the sock over the pump. The sock should be mid-calf or higher and you’ll want to stick to classic Yeezy shades such as khaki, black and olive. If you’re going with a lighter color sock, stick with a nude or white heel as well.


Second, cut a small hole for the heel to go through. Remember not to make it too big because it can cause runs in the fabric.


Third, cut the sandpaper in the shape of the bottom of your pump. Use hot glue or any other adhesive to apply it to the bottom. The sandpaper acts as a traction thread to the bottom of the sock so you don’t slip. You can also use non-slip grip pads.


The longevity of these DIY creations depends on the quality of the sock and adhesive, but can last anywhere from a day to a few weeks. While they may not be as long-lasting as real Yeezy boots, they are definitely worth it for the cost.

Watch Shay Chersie’s original DIY video below and make your own for this holiday season!


Photo Credits:

Shay Chersie’s Instagram @thenuvogue

Kylie Jenner’s Instagram @kyliejenner



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