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It’s the last month of summer and all we want to do is dive into a refreshingly cool pool.  But regardless of whether you have a pool in your near proximity or not, two realities have probably started to set in: 1) summer is nearly over and 2) those reality TV shows reruns have lost their zing. Next time you’re hiding from this sweltering heat in the AC, instead of flipping on the tube, pull out a sewing kit, glue gun, or get re-acquainted with your kitchen. Try out the growing DIY trend!
Why DIY?
DIY (do it yourself) activities are affordable!  Sometimes “crafts” can have a cheap connotation, but you can make these crafts as expensive or inexpensive as you want. 
DIY is knowledge!  These crafts use simple handiwork to which many people have not been exposed.  Depending on what you want to create, you can choose your craft based on which kind of skill you want to learn, such as sewing or cooking. 
DIY is good for you!  DIY activities require you to think outside of the box and figure out how to make things work when you make a mistake. Plus, after putting effort into trying to make something perfect, you begin to really appreciate the fact that you don’t have to make all your own clothes (and other various items) all the time!
So Collegiettes, channel your inner Martha Stewart and dive into some super fun and useful DIY projects!

1. Lace Trimmed Jean Shorts


This is a great (and easy) project for the last month of summer.  First, grab a pair of normal jean shorts, or cut off a pair of jeans (you know the ones that are an inch too short to wear with anything except boots and tights in the winter).  Next, go to your local craft store (Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, etc.) and buy a spool of lace border.  Line the lace up on the inside of the shorts and sew a straight seam around the whole edge (it’s easier with a machine, but handsewing will work too).  These new shorts will go great with everybody’s mid-July tan, and are perfect paired with sandals and a flowy tank for lunch, or tucked in with a belt and a sparkly shirt for a night out on the town.

2. Homemade Oreos

Follow the link for perfect Homemade Oreo cookies.  Have a girls night in and bake them together, DVR the Bachelorette, pour a few glasses of ice-cold milk, and indulge in these famous cookies made just by you!

3. Friendship Bracelets + Rhinestones

We all know how to make friendships bracelets (if not, this link gives a great tutorial) and have continued summer after summer making the same Chevron style bracelets.  This year, add some flair with a rhinestone chain!  These trendy bracelets have hit the department stores recently, but there’s no need to spend over ten dollars there; just make them yourself at home!

4.  Doily Lamp/Lantern

This craft makes a perfect decoration for any apartment or dorm room! After following the directions from this link, hang the finished project on a fishing line by a window to create an elegant natural light fixture (without busting your budget).
 5.  T-Shirt Quilt

Finally, there is the DIY t-shirt quilt.  We know you’ve thought about it–with all those old shirts overflowing that bottom drawer, you need that extra space in your closet.  You know you can’t fit into that tee-ball shirt anymore, and you rarely wear any of those “Senior girls of 2008 are really great” or “Senior girls of 2011 sent from heaven” class shirts anymore, but for some reason, you just can’t let them go.  Don’t worry, just grab a shewing machine (or borrow one from a neighbor). Cut all your old shirts into squares and sew them together, it’s that easy (but for more detailed instructions go to this link)!
For more DIY projects have a look at http://www.diynetwork.com!
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