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The Deal with Dayglow

After much speculation this week, the air has finally cleared about “The World’s Largest Paint Party.”  If you’ve been worriedly holding onto your Dayglow ticket hoping that you will, in fact, be frolicking in brightly colored paint September 24, rest assured that the concert is still on.
Originally set to take place near Lincoln Square Mall in Urbana, Dayglow has changed its location to the David S. Palmer Arena in Danville, approximately 32 miles from the heart of campus.

Matt Meyer, CFO of Hottest College Parties and University of Illinois promoter of the concert, said that their original plans were modified after Urbana failed to execute the concert contract. Because of the high traffic of visitors on Fighting Illini football weekends, the city did not think they could accommodate both events that weekend, Meyer said.
Five home football games in a row this year is great for tailgating – but bad for Dayglow. Champaign and Rantoul also denied the contract because they send security and police to football games – leaving no way to control the concert’s crowd capacity of more than 4,000 college students from all over the Midwest.
Meyer and partner, Zach Samson, didn’t stop fighting for our right to rage. They finally confirmed the Danville location, as well as transportation accommodation.

Over 60 busses will be available for the 30-minute ride, and presenting your Dayglow ticket will score you a seat at no extra charge. Bus passes will most likely be distributed the week of the event at Red Lion and Fat Sandwich, according to Meyer. Check out the Dayglow Facebook page for that exact information.
Headlining the concert is DJs Robbie Rivera and David Solano, along with aerialists, acrobats and a light show. Throughout the chaotic Dayglow planning, Meyer and Samson have kept their spirits high while anticipating the party of the year.
Meyer describes Dayglow as a “glorified exchange or barn dance,” where paint is handed out and thrown in all directions. A VIP pass will get you a CD, bag, express entry, paint, shirt and glasses.  

Although the concert uses water-based washable paint, it’s still a good idea to leave your favorite clutch at home. Here are a few tips on what to wear to Dayglow:
– Wear white or neon clothing. Even if it’s a $2 t-shirt from Walmart, you will want to avoid wearing your nicest white top because, no matter now hard you try, you will most likely not be able to avoid flying paint – and why would you want to?

– As long as you’re buying that cheap tee – you might as well make it cute, and all you need are some scissors. To spruce up your whiteout look, try cutting a t-shirt into a tank, off the shoulder, or to include fringe at the bottom and sleeves. Here’s how to perfect the fringe look.

– Trade the Coach wristlet for a plastic grocery bag. If you can’t spend a night out without your lip-gloss, camera or at the very least credit card, throw it all in a plastic bag to keep from having tie-dyed belongings.

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