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Champaign’s Finest Sushi Restaurants

Sushi looks great on our instagram feeds and taste just as great after we take that first bite. Champaign is home to many outstanding sushi restaurants. From original sushi houses to chain restaurants, Champaign has it all for sushi! Check out the list below for some great sushi eats in Champaign:


Sushi Kame

Sushi Kame is a sushi house in the heart of Downtown Champaign. Not only is their sushi phenomenal, their service and prices are also worthwhile! The servers are extremely friendly and bring out hot towels to clean your hands before you indulge. All of their sushi rolls come with a small miso soup, ginger salad, and unique noodle salad. Their appetizers are delicious and perfectly portioned to ensure you are not too full before the sushi even arrives. Although these are all great perks of Sushi Kame, I believe the best aspect is Sushi Kame’s low, low prices. You can get a single roll for the small fee of $3.25!


Sushi Ichiban

Sushi Ichiban is located on the corner of Green and Wright Street directly across from U of I’s quad. It is the perfect on campus location for sushi. Sushi Ichiban creates original and breathtaking sushi rolls. Sushi Ichiban also has an amazing lunch special. During the lunch special, Sushi Ichiban sells any 2 rolls for $8 and any 3 rolls for $10. Personally, this sushi joint is my favorite place to grab a bite to eat on campus! 



Sakanaya is an urban sushi restaurant right on Green Street. The sushi at Sakanaya is incredible with tons of options to choose between. Sakanaya sells many classic rolls as well as numerous signature rolls. Not only is Sakanaya known for their sushi, but also for their sashimi. Sakanaya’s large menu is one of the many benefits of going out to eat there. Sakanaya also serves late night sushi! No longer will you have to hold off your sushi cravings until a reasonable hour of the day. Sakanaya’s late night menu means you can eat all the sushi you want from 9:30 until 12:30.



Kofusion is one of Champaign-Urbana’s chain sushi restaurants. Some of the Kofusion locations include one in the basement of the Union, one in Urbana, and one in Downtown Champaign. The downtown Champaign location is the biggest KoFusion around. At KoFusion, sushi can be purchased piece by piece for $1 or as a whole roll. Purchasing sushi piece by piece is unique to the KoFusion joints. It also allows the customers to create their own rolls and try a little bit of everything!


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