Campus Celebrity: Megan Mayer

Name, Year, Position

My name is Megan Mayer and I am a senior that is Head of Content and Editorial for Her Campus Illinois.

Favorite Memory from Illinois

My favorite memory from Illinois is one that happens every year.  No matter what barn dance I go to, they end up being my absolute favorite.  You get to wear cute flannels, dresses and the best shoes (cowgirl boots obvi).  I get to take a bus off campus with all of my best friends and we hangout in a barn listening to country music.  It has been one of my favorite memories at Illinois.  I am sad that I only have one more barn dance left.

One Weird Thing About You

I have a fish tank in my bedroom.  Ever since I was a little girl, my mom always told me that fish tanks are supposed to be relaxing.  I love the white noise in my room before bed and I think they are pretty.  Fish tanks are not normal in a college girls room so I definitely think this is a pretty weird thing about me.

What Do You Love About Her Campus

I love that I get to work with a huge group of writers each semester.  We work together on content, challenge each other, and inspire each other to write better each and every week.  I have met so many talented girls and I am lucky to get to work with all of them.

What Hobbies Do You Have

I have a horrible obsessed with shopping.  I love studying product branding.  I think because of my love for shopping and my marketing background, it has taught me how to start up my blog.  Classically Clad is the name of it and it is my biggest hobby.

Your Plan After Graduation

After graduation, I plan on living at home for some time, which is in Chicago.  I hope to be in an advertising agency but the position that I hold or the agency that I am in is all still up in the air.  Hopefully, I can figure it out soon.