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Campus Celebrity: Isra Shatat

“I’m Limitless”
Talk about busy — Isra Shatat is a steadfast, busy junior here at the University of Illinois working toward her Bachelor degree in Communication/Pre-Law.  Isra, also known as “LaLa,” was born and raised in Chicago and takes prides in her religion as a Palestinian Muslim. Isra may seem to have been raised as a normal girl, but she most definitely doesn’t take on the task of an average 21-year old college student — she owns her own management company! 

HC: I know you are very involved on campus, what organizations are you a part of?
 I am a proud member of IEmpwr, which is a community service and resource organization. I’m also a promotions director for “Pyramid Productions,” which hosts numerous events and programs on and off campus. But I absolutely love working as the General Manager and one of many radio personality hosts of “Where Black Music Lives” (WBML), which was the first Black music station to broadcast in the Champaign-Urbana area.

HC: What made you choose WBML as your top favorite?
 I have a passion for radio and one day I plan to have a major radio show! Yet, on campus is not where all my energy goes! I still find time to pour into my life visions outside of school.

HC: You mentioned you pour time into your visions outside of school, what are those?
 Well, I own my own management company, ISC oneXion, and manage many upcoming artists such as the rising R&B singer Drey Skonie, a dancer and choreographer “Gimme a Beat”, and Bry Delicia Photography.

HC: What would you tell other young girls who are trying to own their own company and business?
I truly enjoy putting on many events on and off campus, while still finding the time to do community service in Champaign and Chicago. I see myself as very humble and thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had and will experience in the future. This is one reason why I mentor three young ladies in college and high school. I always encourage them to never limit themselves.

HC: So it seems as if you have your life plan set! Do you have any goals for after graduation?
I wouldn’t quite say my life is set, but one great trait I love about me, as I said before, is that I never limit myself! I really want to be an entertainment lawyer, still run my management company and thrive in PR and Radio. And I believe I can succeed in all of these areas! Not everyone can handle the pressures of school, work and running a business, but I feel I will be well prepared for the real world and more than ready to take over and reach the top!

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