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A Broke Girls Guide to Halloween Costumes

I’ll admit it, I’m one of those people who has a Pinterest board dedicated to every aspect of their life. One of those being Halloween. So for anyone that doesn’t have that much free time on their hands: this is for you (so you can save hours scrolling through the search results of “college diy cheap costume”).


Victoria Secret Angel

You finally get to live out your lifelong dream of becoming a VS Angel.

All you need is a pink silky robe and your wings and you’ll be ready to strut down the runway

(or through the doors of the frat house, whichever one). 








This is a truly magical one seeing as the only things you need is a white dress and some unicorn ears.

If you want it to be an extra magical night add some glitter (it’ll make the night truly glow).







3. Sleeping Beauty:

I know what your thinking and no- you are never too old to dress up as a princess. Especially

when it gives you an excuse to wear pajamas out. All you need is a pair of pajamas, a tiara, and

some slippers, just make sure you don’t get in bed before everyone gets to see it!








4. Boxer:

Once again, all you will really need to get for this one is a robe. Pair it with some athletic

shorts, high socks, and French braids and you’ll be ready to get in the ring.







5. Vampire:

If you’re like me and only wear black, then you already have everything you need in your

closet. Wear black pants and a black top (I promise this is a costume). Pair that with some

dramatic makeup (watch a few tutorials, you’ll get the trick) just don’t forget about the blood

spilling from your mouth.







6. Alien:

Basically, this requires all things metallic (because aliens love metallic, duh!). You can basically

find this anywhere, and Amazon has a lot of metallic clothes for super cheap. Douse yourself in

glitter and you’ll be ready to go back to your home planet in no time.






7. Meredith Grey and Christina Yang

Grab your BFF, an oversized blue t-shirt, and a white lab coat, which can all be purchased

at Amazon (except for the BFF).  Print out a name tag and remember, it’s a beautiful day to save lives!




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