The Best Snacks for a Backpack

Ever find yourself running from class to class all day long? Back and forth, and all across the quad without a single break in your day (not even a break for lunch)! Or, have you ever had one of those mornings where you are running late to class and don't have time for breakfast? If you can relate to any of the questions above, you most definitely need to start packing some quick and tasty backpack snacks! There is no worse feeling than listening to the echoes of your growling stomach in a large and quiet lecture hall. To avoid the embarrassment of loud stomach growls and the uncomfortable feeling of hunger, keep some of the snacks below stocked inside your backpack!


1. Granola Bars

Whether you like Kashi, Nature Valley, or Quaker, granola bars are the perfect backpack snack. Granola bars are already packaged and small so they can easily be tossed into your backpack. You could even keep a couple bars in your backpack at a time. Granola bars are also tasty and filling! They are filled with tons of protein and essentials to keep your body feeling full and energized. Granola bars are a perfect and quick snack on the go! 



2. Nuts 

Packing a Ziplock bag of any type of nuts you enjoy is another awesome backpack snack. You could even switch it up by packing a bag of almonds one day and a bag of cashews the next. Nuts can be bought in big tubs at your local grocery store so you can always make sure to have them. Nuts can also be purchased in variety packs. If you are feeling like enjoying a combination of nuts you can buy the variety pack and put a scoop in a Ziplock bag to go in your backpack. This backpack snack is a personal favorite of mine because of the salty and delicious taste of nuts, especially cashews. Nuts also are a great source of protein. They're a great backpack snack to keep you feeling energized and ready to tackle your classes.


3. Trail Mix

Trail mix is a delectable and easy pre-packaged snack to throw in your bag when your in a rush. Trail mix contains a mixture of nuts, raisins, chocolate, granola, and sometimes even dried fruit! The combination of the following ingredients makes for a healthy and tasty snack. Trail mix packs can be purchased at any grocery store or can be homemade. The best part about homemade trail mix is that you can add whatever ingredients you like. Some delicious trail mix brands to look out for is the Planters Trail Mix, the Larabar Trail Mix, the Emerald Trail Mix, and the Trader Joe's brand. 


4. Bananas

Bananas are my favorite on-the-go breakfast snack. They are an easy item to grab as you are walking out the door and easy to eat on your way to class, simply peel and indulge! Banana's can also be a great backpack snack. They easily fit into a backpack and can be peeled and ready to eat at anytime. Bananas are also an extremely healthy snack and a great source of potassium. Before packing your banana, make sure to put it into a section of your bag where it will not be smashed. 


5. Carrots

Throw some carrots into a Ziplock bag and munch on them whenever you hear your stomach start to grumble! Carrots are a great low-fat snack which are stacked with lots of vitamins. Since some people don't like carrots plain, you could always buy some to-go hummus packs to pair with your carrots. Despite the loud crunching sound of biting into a carrot, they'll provide you with a great source of fiber in order to hold off your hunger until your next meal! 


6. Goldfish or Pretzels

One of the easiest snacks to pack in your backpack is a bag of Goldfish, pretzels, or your favorite brand of chips. Personally, I love throwing a package of Goldfish or Smartfood popcorn in my backpack as my mid-day snack. These are incredibly easy backpack snacks because you can grab them from the pantry and toss them right into your bag. Also, if you don't eat the snack the first day you pack it, the snack won't spoil or get old in your backpack. You can keep the snack in there for days before enjoying it. 


7. Awake Bars

Awake Bars are caffeinated chocolate bars that taste delicious as well as provide you with a burst of energy. Awake bars are great snacks for an early morning class or a late night library study session. Awake Bars come in many different flavors from plain dark chocolate to caramel milk chocolate. Next time your hungry and thinking about getting a cup of coffee to hold you over as well as wake you up, grab an Awake Bar instead! Awake Bars are a delicious backpack snack to indulge in. 


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