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Best Halloween Costumes for You and Your BFF

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Illinois chapter.

No one wants to dress up alone on Halloween, so check out these creative ideas that you can do with your BFFs!

Dancing Girls Emoji

What better way to look like inseparable best friends then dress up as your favorite emoji! This is a simple and easy costume to do with your bestie. Necessities are a black leotard, nude tights and black flats. Added bonus if you have a black bow in your hair and can master keeping your leg out all night!


Zenon and Nebula

Zetus Lapedus! What favorite 90’s duo to be this Halloween other than the Girls of the 21st Century? Find a friend to rep this throwback, yet futuristic look. Search for bright colored leggings and a long sleeve shirt to pair with a shiny tight skirt. Don’t forget the vest and add on your metallic sleeves to show off your matching pigtail scrunchies!  


Starbucks Frappuccino

Basic girl alert! The necessities of this outfit are quite simple, you need a tan strapless dress, black tights and shoes. To perfect the look, wear a green Starbucks logo, white ruffled fabric to the top and carry a cup. If you really want to get creative you can add a plastic straw. Be sure to write your name on the side of your dress for an added touch!


Anna and Elsa from Frozen

If you’re a blonde and redhead best friend pair, this Disney duo is for you. For Anna, embrace your red locks (or a wig) with a blue skirt, black vest and pink cape. Find your favorite long, blue sparkly dress and pair it with a side braid for Elsa. Don’t forget the snowflakes or Olaf!



This is one of the best DIY costumes out there! You’ll need a cotton dress, colorful streamers and two party hats. Carefully cut your streamers into slits and attach them to your dress. Do the same for the party hats and secure them to a headband. Make it lighthearted and bring along some candy to drop as you go!


Pineapple and Strawberry

Or pick whichever fruit suits your friendship best! Get an oversized solid t-shirt, your best marker and some green construction paper. Depending on the type of fruit, create the seeds on the shirt, cut out the type of stem leaf and attach it to a headband. If you’re the comfortable type, play it casual with your favorite sneakers and have fun with it!


Romy and Michele

Step one, find a friend to be the Romy to your Michele. Step two, find two of the shiniest (tackiest?) pink and blue dresses you can find. Step three, add some fur trim, grab your platform heels and you’re set!


White and Black Swans

Channel your inner feminine side and grab your best tutu and leotard pair. You can really choose how you want this outfit to go. From tank to long sleeves, to touches of metallic or hints of different colors, there’s a lot of opportunity to make this costume your own. Just be sure to have a face mask or hair piece, preferably one with feathers that can be an easy DIY!


Troll Dolls

The classic childhood dolls are making a comeback for Halloween! To achieve the Troll Doll look, wear a nude colored dress and find a bright colored wig to top it off. It’s as simple as that! As long as you can get your hair to stand up…




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