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The Best in Cosmetics: Tried, True and Tested

As dedicated as I am to researching the latest and greatest in beauty trends, there was one thing missing: private label cosmetics. Hence the word “private,” these smaller name brands are usually local and sold separately, meaning you probably won’t find these gems at Sephora. However, they can be easy to get a hold of; you just have to keep your eyes peeled. Fortunately, I’ve had the opportunity to familiarize myself with Cynde Cosmetics, a private-label cosmetic company located in the north shore suburbs of Chicago, and it’s something I believe shouldn’t be kept in private from makeup lovers like myself.

When it comes to cosmetics, I’ve tried as many as possible. Even if I haven’t owned the product, I’ve probably had a sample at one time. Like most girls, I’m incredibly particular on what I spend my money on. I had the chance to visit Cynde Hoffman from Cynde Cosmetics personally and play around with a few of her products. Comparable to many of the famous name brands, I found hers to be better alternatives. Products featured in this line achieve the perfect blend of affordability and quality. I can say with confidence that this one brand has single-handedly dominated my makeup routine, and I believe, statistically increased the volume of compliments I receive on my makeup.

Dying to try it already? I was too, which is why I purchased quickly after switching from my old items. For the first time, I didn’t need a sample. Cynde and her team were so welcoming and enthusiastic about their products that they took the time to sit down and talk about each one. They build a relationship with each customer and help you find what works best for your individual look. This was my favorite part; I wasn’t being sold the most expensive item. I bought things tailored to my own face, which is why I believe in the value behind Cynde Cosmetics.

If you’re just starting out with this brand, I highly recommend the “illuminator.” Perfect for a highlighter above the cheekbone or an under eye brightener, you instantly look more vibrant and awake. Her baked eye shadow in “biscotti” is another lifesaver. I like to lightly shade this below my brow bone for a more lifted look. For lips, her liner in “crumb cake” is the perfect nude for a defined pout. Lately, I can’t leave the house without liner, and hers has been my go-to for that signature Kylie Jenner look. Most importantly, if you’re a bronzer fanatic like me, you need “congo.” I can’t stress enough how picky I am about bronzers, and this medium-dark powder delivers the most natural, beautiful tan. Don’t be afraid of the shimmer. It’s so subtle and creates the perfect summertime glow.

A majority of Cynde Cosmetics are multipurpose, so you’re paying for multiple products with the convenience of one. As we all know, making up your face is an art. So get creative with the right products. Formulated by the same manufacturers as many famous name brands, Cynde Cosmetics is great for women of all ages and can be found at Blue Orchid Salon in Highland Park, Ill. As a professional makeup artist, Cynde has uniquely designed her products to reflect what she couldn’t find in stores. Even though it’s private, it’s not a secret. Real beauty never is.

For more information, visit http://www.cyndescosmetics.com.


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