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The Best Boots to Wear During Winter

Champaign-Urbana just had its first snowfall of the year — on Halloween — so that means boot season is finally here! Boots are definitely a winter staple because they keep your feet warm and protected from the cold, and they can also totally change up your outfit and make it cute. There are so many kinds of boots for different weather conditions. I listed below some of my favorites that have been go-to’s throughout my time at the University of Illinois.

1. Timberlands

Although they’re pretty basic, Timberlands are probably my favorite boots to wear during the winter months because they’re perfect in the snow. They’re waterproof, so they’ll always keep your feet dry and warm, and they have rubber soles on the bottom to prevent you from slipping on ice. I’ve had my fair share of wipeouts on ice while walking to class, so my Timberlands have, quite literally, been my lifesaver.

2. Sorels

Sorels were the rage a few years back, and everybody and their mother had a pair. At first, I didn’t really like them because they reminded me of mom boots, but when I got to college, I realized they were probably great boots to wear when walking to class. Since we go to school in a state with brutal winters, it’s essential to have snow boots that will protect you from the snow and ice. There are so many different styles and colors of Sorels, you will for sure find a pair that you love!

3. Hunter Boots

Hunter Boots are great during winter days that are a little warmer because when the snow melts, the ground gets very slushy, and it’s important to wear rain boots that won’t get ruined. Sorels probably aren’t the best boots to wear when it’s slushy out because they could get stained, but Hunters can be easily cleaned up since they are made of rubber. Hunters come in a variety of styles: tall, mid-calf or booties. There are also many colors to choose from, but my favorite is probably the black matte pair because they go with any outfit!

4. UGGs

Ah yes, UGGs have made a comeback! These boots were super popular when I was in middle school, but then everyone stopped wearing them when we got to high school because they were no longer “cool.” However, when I started my freshman year of college last year, I noticed many girls wearing UGGs and got super excited because they were always my favorite boots, ever since I was a kid. They have a fleece interior, which are comfy and will keep your feet toasty all day long. Like Hunter Boots, they come in a variety of styles and colors, so you don’t have to go for the basic black ones that a lot of people have.

Stay warm!

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Rachel is a junior and the VP of Editorial for The University of Illinois' Her Campus chapter. She is a journalism major on a pre-law track.
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