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BEAUTY: The Basics of Birchbox

As college students on a budget, it can be expensive to use high-quality beauty products. This no longer is an issue, however, thanks to Birchbox!

Birchbox entered the scene with its beckoning, bright pink “B” in September of 2010 in New York City. What is Bircbox? Well, it’s the revolutionary idea of paying $10 a month to get a variety of beauty product samples sent to you each month.

Birchbox, a company that was begging for brands to participate now has a waiting list of companies vigorously volunteering products to put in the boxes. Birchbox introduces clients with products catered to his or her needs. The sample sizes of these products are very generous and allow the customer to use the product more than once.

However, many critics of the box believe that the price does not have enough of a return value and may not be worth it. This ingenious company has many tricks that can really make it worth the while of the customer, especially those who are genuinely intrigued in finding out about new products.

The first thing every Birchbox customer should do is carefully fill out their beauty profile. The profile allows for customization in order to set every customer apart, because no two Birchboxes are alike. This profile asks each user about his orher skin type, hair texture and personal preference in beauty habits. They have a list of over 300 brands that range from Ghirardelli chocolate to Dr. Jart+ skin products. With these amazing resources, Birchbox can easily satisfy every customer with products they will want to utilize.

Aside from providing customers with enlightening product samples, Birchbox gives the opportunity to purchase products from the boxes for discounted prices with fast and free shipping.  They do this by using Birchbox points, which are earned every time something is purchased from the website (including the box subscription) or rating products from their box. Rating products is the simplest and cheapest way to earn points, because all you have to do is answer a couple of simple questions about the product and write a brief review online. Reviewing a product gives that unique user 50 Birchbox points per month.

The Birchbox points system is very simple. Each user receives one point for every dollar he or she spends on the website. Every 100 points is equal to a $10 credit on the website. The more points racked up, the more money customers have to get products they love for free.

Another way to take full advantage of the box is to communicate with the Birchbox team. They are a small company that is dedicated to satisfying its customer base. If a complaint is made because the customer isn’t satisfied, Birchbox responds with an apology e-mail and compensation while also giving the consumer Birchbox points.

Birchbox allows customers to become beauty connoisseurs and obtain high-end products affordably, and it also is a fun, little present each month. My heart jumps for joy whenever I see my bright pink box in my mailbox, knowing that it always beholds great products that will further transform my beauty routine.

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