Beat The Heat With These Must-Try Chambana Ice Cream Shops

The warmer weather is finally approaching; the best season of all is upon us, and so is the best dessert — ice cream! If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth as the weather warms up, Champaign-Urbana has some excellent choices to offer.

1. Jarling’s Custard Cup

There is a good reason why Jarling’s is on the top of my list. The dessert shop is not too far from campus, and its title as a Champaign favorite is well earned. Not only do they have the best frozen custard I have ever tried, but they also have a wide array of other frozen dessert options to satisfy your sweet tooth. They also have a drive-through if you need to get your sweet treat on the go and Grubhub options if you want your frozen custard to come to your door. 

2. Red Bicycle Ice Cream

You will definitely need to try this farm-fresh ice cream shop that also has ever-evasive vegan options! If your stomach is already grumbling for some of these desserts, you’re in luck. Red Bicycle Ice Cream, located in Urbana, serves hand-crafted ice cream, sorbet and vegan gelato. If you are looking for a place with these types of options, Red Bicycle Ice Cream is the ideal sport. 

3. El Oasis

If you are interested in trying unique flavors and having a wide array of dessert options that are perfect for the heat, El Oasis is definitely a must. Yummy desserts, such as oreo popsicles, giant banana splits, chamoyada, and ice cream (helados) with flavors such as spicy mango and avocado, will satisfy your cravings.


If frozen yogurt is more your style, TCBY located at the Old Farm Shops is an excellent option. Unlike your standard fro-yo shop, TCBY also has options for hand-scooped ice cream in a cone, ice cream sandwiches with sprinkles, milkshakes, cute cakes and the usual build-your-own frozen yogurt bowl. This cute and colorful shop is a great place to check out as the weather starts to heat up.

5. Marble Slab Creamery

This ice cream shop is not as close and convenient as the rest; it is about a 10 minute drive from campus. However, Marble Slab Creamery is still worth the trek. You can't go wrong with super unique flavors, generous portions, online ordering options and limitless topping choices. Go the extra distance and give Marble Slab a try!


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