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The New Year has come and that means a couple of different things. January brings the start of a new semester, (much) colder weather, and last, but certainly not least, a new season of The Bachelor. Our leading man, Colton, has proved that he is the total package. From his looks to his personality, he has shown America that he is ready to find love. Like any season of The Bachelor, there are a few question marks when it comes to the ladies that are on this season. However, there are many girls that he has had an instant connection with. As we wait for the season finale to unfold, let’s check out some of the leading ladies and some who seem to be a little eccentric.

1. Cassie

Cassie is a speech pathologist from California. As of right now, she seems to be underrated, but she definitely is one to watch out for. According to Colton, she is “cute and sexy” at the same time and he felt an instant connection with her.

2. Hannah G.

Not only did she receive the first impression rose on night one, but Hannah is also very close friends with Danielle Maltby (from Nick’s season of The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise). Colton seems to be very serious about her. 

3. Katie

Medical sales rep and dancer Katie has shown her kind-spirited self to Colton. They seem to have a very good connection, and it will be interesting to see how their relationship develops over the rest of the season.

4. Elyse

At first, Elyse didn’t seem to be very high on Colton’s list. However, after watching their one-on-one date this past week, it is safe to say that their chemistry is definitely there. Despite a six year age difference that she was concerned about, they really hit it off and spent the day at an amusement park with a group of children. She got to spend the whole day with a very attractive man who is great with children. Jealous?

5. Heather

Born and raised in San Diego, Heather is one to watch for this season. Although she and Colton have not spent a tremendous amount of time together, he was very sweet during their conversation when she admitted to him that she has never kissed anyone before. 

6. Demi & Tracy

It wouldn’t be The Bachelor if we didn’t have a couple of rivals, right? From their age to their personalities, these two are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum. Demi is a twenty-three year old southern girl, and Tracy is a thirty-one year old from New York. They have the typical arguements of whether Demi is mature enough, and Demi responding by saying that she would be intimidated if she was so old and still on the show. It seems like there was bound to be a feud between the two after Demi took Colton to the “fantasy closet” and blindfolded him to spank him. 

7. Caelynn & Hannah B.

Well, this quarrel is like nothing we have seen in Bachelor history. Caelynn (Miss North Carolina) and Hannah B. (Miss Alabama) were actually good friends before the show. However, after a falling out which we still are curious to know more about, they were no longer friendly to say the least. As of now, it is not evident who is telling the truth and who really is the “manipulative” girl, but it is safe to say that we should not count on these two becoming BFFs anytime soon. 

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