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Ashley Nosike, Winner of the Black Women Rock 2016 Rising Star Award

Ashley Nosike is a force to be reckoned with. This broadcast journalist is  always working on something, whether be it dance or interviewing artists. Her ultimate goal is to one day be on the red carpet interviewing celebrities and she is certainly on her way there. Nosike recently received the Black Women Rock 2016 Rising Star Award here on campus.

Her Campus (HC): What made you want to become a journalism?

Ashley Nosike (AN): I really like to talk. I enjoy building communication and stories, but also using people’s stories to educate the community.


HC: What are some things that you’re involved in?

AN: I’m always in something. I’m the publicity chair for the African Cultural Association (ACA), the President of Pyramid Productions, a radio personality for WPGU and a media correspondent for What’s The Word TV and the Canopy Club.

HC: What are some of your passions?

AN: I am passionate about journalism. I feel as if radio helps build character, but TV is more of what I want to do.


HC: What is your ultimate career goal?

AN: I want to become a mogul in media and entertainment. I also want to be an anchor for E- News and act a little on the side.


HC: Who are some of your influences?

AN: Rocsi Diaz, Giuliana Rancic, Angela Yee, Terrence J and more.

HC: What is one of your most memorable accomplishments?

AN: One of my most memorable accomplishments was when I interviewed an up and coming artist, Jacquees. He had just been signed to Cash Money records and gave hints about his future projects. It was a moment where I realized that I can actually do this. I can get paid to interview people and do what I love.


HC: Tell me about your 2016 Rising Star Award?

AN: I did not expect that award. I am so grateful. I was speechless. I do a lot in the black community and was being recognized for it. The award was a ‘thank you for being you.’


HC: What is some advice that you would give to your younger self?

AN: Stop procrastinating. Be you, and don’t let nobody change you.

HC: What sets you apart from others?

AN: My creativity and passion for my craft. I’m doing something that I’d do without pay. If I wasn’t doing this, I’d have no purpose.


HC:  How do you want to be remembered?

AN: I want to be remembered as that person that never gave up, that was sincere and was extremely great at being who they were.

Photos Courtesy of Ashley Nosike
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