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Adventures Around Campus: What To Do In Moments Of Boredom

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Picture this: you’re sitting in your bed, you’ve exhausted every social media outlet and you can’t stand to watch another movie. You have a desire to do something but are unsure of what to do. If this sounds like you, here is a list of adventures, both big and small, to fill that desire.

Check out the Union

Just last night, my friends and I were in a pit of boredom and decided to try bowling at the Union. It provided us with entertainment and also gave us a reason to get out of the dorms. Even the walk to the Union was an adventure in itself. The Union hosts different events throughout the week, including karaoke, comedy shows and open mic opportunities. And it’s all free! Go check it out one day, you never know what you might see.

Go See Live Music

Recently, my friends and I went to a fall festival, just about a 15 minute bus ride away that showcased live music and a group of local artists selling their creations. I’ve found that there are many opportunities on and off-campus to see live music which, for me, is always enjoyable. Whether it’s at a festival, out of a garage or at a late-night house show, seeing any form of live music can provide entertainment and joy.

Go to the Japan House or the Idea Garden

If you are looking for a place to think or to embrace the beauty of nature as the seasons change, head to the Japan House or Idea Garden. They are not too far, and they are truly and deeply calming. I’d suggest bringing a book or some homework with you, finding a spot to sit, and just admiring the nature and soaking in the outdoors.

Hang out on the quad any day, any time

The quad is a prime spot to simply exist. Recently, my friends and I took snacks, a blanket, and card games and sat on the quad talking. The quad is a great place to observe, there is a beauty to just being and absorbing the world around you. Especially at night, laying on the quad in the crisp air and darkness is a wonderful feeling. Plus, there are usually bake sales or ticket sales happening on the quad, so it’s always worth seeing if there’s anything that interests you.

Create something

When in moments of boredom, I often find myself with a strong urge to create something. Sometimes I write, draw, read, paint or play music. Creating a piece of any kind or engaging in any kind of creative activity can be a productive and incredibly rewarding way to spend a day.

Explore a new area

I have yet to explore downtown Champaign but I think that’s my next adventure. Hop on a bus and see where it takes you. Explore new shops and restaurants, go roller skating or try an escape room. Even though, some places may seem far, it doesn’t hurt to check if it’s on any bus route.

Although, it can sometimes feel like there is not much to do in moments of utter boredom, I hope this list functions as a reference point the next time you’re looking for an adventure, big or small. Happy adventuring!

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